I wanna play with this guy...

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User Info: B_Hustle88

4 years ago#31
GT: BHustle1988

User Info: billnye69

4 years ago#32
i mute anyone who makes a sound online.
The worst mistake a game developer can make is listening to the community. Halo Reach, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 are the ending result.....enough said.

User Info: Captain_Blunts

4 years ago#33
Some of the funnier cod videos I have seen. Up there with bf fiends

User Info: trakrunr4evr

4 years ago#34
I read the title expecting another homo topic. My apologies.
GT: Stelthmastr

User Info: B_Hustle88

4 years ago#35
Nope just some funny vids
GT: BHustle1988

User Info: MightyD88

4 years ago#36
Second one is out! Fresh off the presses...better than the first!


User Info: _HahaaE_

4 years ago#37
Someone needs to get a soundboard with that drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket and use that on XBL.
MKSC: 27 WR's :: SC World Champion
SMB3 GBA: 21 WR's

User Info: DarkManX2004

4 years ago#38
All you need to do this is a set of good headphones with a mic like TBs, an iPod/iPhone, autotune app like I am T-Pain. Plug the pink mic jack into the iPod and use the iPod as a mic. Been doing this for a while with friends.
GT/PSN = Makavelian87
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  3. I wanna play with this guy...

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