MW2 had the overall best map lineup of any CoD game.

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User Info: mintchipcookie

4 years ago#21
I loved MW2 maps because all the surfaces were mapped instead of walled, so if you were smart like I was you could learn all the different jumps that were literally everywhere that no one knew about...

There was even one completely legit way to exit the map on Karachi.
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User Info: _HahaaE_

4 years ago#22
I don't know, I personally preferred COD5's maps. Probably because I started on COD5 on Wii and got to watch myself start from going 3-12 to going 40-5 on that game.

Maybe the reason I like them so much is because I played on the Wii. There were no patches, so even still today you can climb to the top of the middle building in Cliffside and snipe, get out of the map and almost be completely submerged in water while sniping on Makin, get on top of nearly every building in Makin and get on top of Hangar, satchel jump to the top of Castle.... ahh the nostalgia.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#23
Even though I love WaW (PC) and BO2 the most, Modern Warfare 2 had the best map designs in my opinion and even though I never liked CoD4 (mostly for personal reasons but only a few gameplay reasons), I will say that CoD4 is in second place with the best map designs. My favorite map was MW2 is Terminal and in CoD4, Wetworks.

Since I am still a bit new to WaW (I couldn't find any good normal servers so I played against bots locally via Pezbot mod), the map designs in WaW are my least favorite since I am not use to them yet (and I haven't played all of them yet) but so far, I like Castle the most from that game.
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User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#24
fatclemenza posted...
CoD4 had Backlot. This topic is now bad.

Favela was a good map though. Sub Base and Quarry were alright. Too many maps had so much extra dead space though. Some of them should be trimmed down.

That space helped slow the pace down by scattering people. I prefer that than having every map like nuketown, as it is in BO2 tbh.
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User Info: Superman070776

4 years ago#26
Some people need flat level terrain to be successful. Maybe it would also help you if everyone lined up in a lone line, shoulder to shoulder and just volleyed shots back and forth like the old days...[eyeroll]

Maps with vertical levels are challenging and fun. Sorry the game didn't keep itself down to limit itself for people on your skill level.
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User Info: StrataElite

4 years ago#27
Garviel_Lokan posted...
Worst map on Cod4 was Bloc by the votes. still a better map that most maps that came in the games after it.

Funny trivia for Bloc. Havana uses a similar map layout and suffers form terrible spawn problems. Also you can tell how BS the CoD community has gotten because in CoD 4 t was hold either building, and on BLOPS 1 it was spawn kill from each side of the map.
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User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#28
Rundown, Estate, Terminal, Uderpass, Wasteland, Carnival, and Fuel (besides Derail and Rust already stated) were all thrash.

^ Well unless you have an extra pair of Nostalgia Glasses, cuz that would greatly help.

Bailout, Storm, Salvage, Scrapyard, Highrise, and Trailer Park were good (I'll give you that) - the rest were meh IMO at best...
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User Info: blacklord997

4 years ago#29
MW is obviously the best:
The 2 best cod maps this generation: Vacant and Pipeline
Plus Very Good Maps: Ambush, Backlot, Countdown, Crash, Crossfire, District, Downpour, Overgrown, Shipment, and Strike.
-Standoff and plaza are the only maps in this game which can compare to any of these

a better comparison is mw2 vs blops for 2nd best maps (probably blops)

User Info: motoraptor

4 years ago#30
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  3. MW2 had the overall best map lineup of any CoD game.

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