MW2 had the overall best map lineup of any CoD game.

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  3. MW2 had the overall best map lineup of any CoD game.

User Info: slipknotrox765

4 years ago#31
AGREEEEED....I still don't mind Derail though. Man, I miss the good old days. Dat nostalgia swagg.

User Info: slipknotrox765

4 years ago#32
Silver17 posted...
Rundown, Estate, Terminal, Uderpass, Wasteland, Carnival, and Fuel (besides Derail and Rust already stated) were all thrash.

^ Well unless you have an extra pair of Nostalgia Glasses, cuz that would greatly help.

Bailout, Storm, Salvage, Scrapyard, Highrise, and Trailer Park were good (I'll give you that) - the rest were meh IMO at best...

Carnival and Fuel were dlc and shouldn't count...along with trailer park. Terminal? C"MON manggggg, That map was the ****

User Info: RedYoshi27

4 years ago#33
I liked most MW2 maps other than derail and rust. I wasn't a fan of wasteland and estate but i'd tolerate them from time to time. I loved sub base, skidrow, and favela as they were all F2000 friendly maps for the most part. BO1 had great maps too only map I didn't like was nuketown and discovery though I warmed up to the latter. I've never been a fan of the tiny maps.
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User Info: Detroitman312

4 years ago#34
Best maps came from infinity ward for sure. COD4 and MW2 both had a really good set. Best maps IMO are Crash, Crossfire, Overgrown, Backlot, Strike, Highrise, Favela, Skidrow, and Sub base.
GT:Ali Katato

User Info: SpydogK

4 years ago#35
Ain't touchin' COD 1 maps...
You have no credibility to speak on Call of Duty if you've only been playing since Call of Duty 4...

User Info: ThisIsMithos

4 years ago#36
World at War, then CoD 4. Not even a hair of question in my mind. Never even played this game, but I've seen gameplay, and I know these maps aren't even close to the best.

User Info: WOT BS

4 years ago#37
there have been good maps in all the CODs. W@W had really good maps, the dls aswell. it was cool how some maps would play out completely differently. the map in berlin, in the field with the bridge, and the rural town were incredible. i remember actually being able to hide, flank, then re-engage in that game. idk how "instant action" became the selling point of the new ones.
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User Info: mariofan619

4 years ago#38
WaW had more GREAT maps than CoD4.

CoD4 had a few great maps. Mostly all of them (Save for Bloc) were at least good.

MW2's weren't bad. But that might be b/c of how much I played them, kinda just grew to love them.

BO1.. Firing Range. Arguably Summit/Grid.

MW3 - lolz

BO2 - Standoff/Slums are the only tolerable maps in the entire game.
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User Info: BTzz

4 years ago#39
Xbox GT: Ian Bits

User Info: Dave_Gahan

4 years ago#40
Looking back, Black Ops maps were so f***ing good.

I wanna play BO1 now
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