Your KDR, Aim sensitivity and TV size

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User Info: nick8676764

4 years ago#51
Sens: Whatever default is (10?) never bothered to change it
22" screen

User Info: Truplaya05

4 years ago#52

User Info: Dr_Throatpunch

4 years ago#53
10.0 K/D
10 sensitivity
10 inch TV

User Info: KDB3K

4 years ago#54
Afghan_Whig777 posted...
Wow, interesting

So me playing a 6 on my 40 inch isn't going to feel like a 6 for you guys playing on a 30 inch TV, it's going to feel much faster

Mainly the correlation I'm trying to find is what a good KDR is in comparison to someones aim sensitivity

I don't think there is really a correlation. 2 or 3 of the better guys I know 2.5+ K/D play on 2-3. Also, screen size varies (as you know), but it's also important to take into account distance from that screen (not everyone sits exactly 6 feet from their screen, no matter what size). A guy sitting 20 feet from a 47" TV will probably have a worse view than a guy sitting 3 feet from a 21" monitor. A guy sitting 3 feet from his 21" monitor could have just the same view as a guy sitting 8 feet from his 47", etc.

User Info: WTFNightmare

4 years ago#55
Tv 23 inch. Sensitivity i think 5-6. k/d 4.10 rising
I'll teach you fear..

User Info: al3azmi

4 years ago#56
2 chars same sensitivity and tv the only difference is KDR

anyway char 1:----- 2.03
Char 2:---------------- 3.4
sensitivity -------------11
42 LED Tv
Psn-Battler624 Psn2-alazmi906
Low class warrior with the power of millions of super Elite

User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#57
Under 2. >_>
14 Sensitivity
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User Info: levelshooter

4 years ago#58
1.09 kdr
8 sensitivity. (7 if it's laggy)
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User Info: Rikiaz

4 years ago#59
1.01 KDR
14 Sensativity (No aim assist)
21 inch Flat-screen LCD when I'm in my room, 34 inch Plasma when I'm in the living room, I do better on the 21 inch.
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User Info: Sitrus_Daora

4 years ago#60
12 Sensitivity
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