Ever feel like trolling in Hardcore? A few tips.

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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

4 years ago#11
ICantNameGud posted...
Knightmare117 posted...
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
22 boots and counting.

It makes be weep for the future that you consider this an achievement.

Clearly you must be one of the poster children for "No Child Left Behind." You're so terrible at the game that all you can do to get your kicks is "attempt" to ruin others' games.

Luckily, I usually play with a full party, so I never have to put up with short bus players like you.

Goood, goooood. Let the butthurt flow through you.

I like to C4 immediately at the beginning of a round when we're all wolf-packed.

All that would do is kill you >___>

User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#12
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
chessmyantidrug posted...
Other hilarious, yet effective ways to troll in hardcore:

Reroll care packages, especially ones that are VSAT and higher. (Effective in core, too, since you can't get teamkilled)

Block doorways. Most people are afraid to teamkill. If they have a mic, even better.

Use EMP grenades to take out friendly equipment, Guardians and Sentry Guns.

If someone is on a streak, teamkill them. During host migration one time, someone on my team said he was 9-0. When host migration finished, I looked at the scoreboard during the countdown and saw he had 0 confirms. I turned around and he happened to be crouched, aimed in on a doorway. I took the liberty of ending his streak. His reaction wasn't nearly as good as I was hoping it would be.

I do the EMP one alllll the time lol.

"Friendly Dragonfire inbound"
*1 second later*

"Chess, you shot my RC-XD. F***ing idiot!"

"How did my AGR die so quickly?"

"You idiot, that's MY chopper!"

Oh, by the way, I run some combination of UAV, C-UAV, VSAT, EMP, K9 Unit or Swarm. Teammates can shoot (and have shot) the dogs, but can't do anything about the others. I guess I can still be (and have been) killed in the midst of a streak.

User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#13
Lol at all of the mad in this topic.

Good stuff TC, I don't have a stick shoved so far up my ass that I can't laugh at funny things.
\o/ Administering jolly ass-whoopings everyday.

User Info: Dark_Link72

4 years ago#14
Knightmare117 posted...
Dark_Link72 posted...

Isn't the whole "totally stomping the other team with kill-streaks and big scores" entirely about attempting "to ruin others' games?"

I mean, unless you think there are people who enjoy losing gunfights...

No. Actually it's not about ruining their game. It's a game with winners and losers. If your team is getting stomped that badly, they are losing. Eventually, they will improve to the point where they are not getting stomped. Those who want to expend effort to practice will get to be at least decent players.

Those who are lazy and don't wish to improve will do like the OP says because it's all they have left.

It's showing up to class, but not doing the work and expecting to pass. Just like those lovely examples of the "No Child Left Behind Act."

So, when you're getting totally wrecked by better players, destroyed by cheap tactics, and pummeled by air support, are you still having fun? Because, from what I've gathered about sportsmanship and competitive gaming is that there is no sport without challenge.

The whole premesis of sports is centered on the idea that both teams are competing on fair ground in exhibition of skill, and that glory is granted to those that overcome the challenge of the opposing team.There is no glory for a professional basketball team stomping on a group of kids wanting to play with their idols.

Winning is fun, yes, but only if earned. Joining your own private match by yourslef, ending the game, and getting a "Victory" screen isn't fun, right?

In a lopsided match, there is always one team not having fun. This mentality of attempting to perform well enough to receive hate mail and enjoying it is evidence of a corruption of one's sportsmanship. This is your community, and no one cares to provide even the slightest bit of gratitude or respect to one's team mates or opponents.
They're just "randoms," and everyone besides you and your friends are either garbage, bad kids, try-hards, or no-lifer's. This community disgusts me.

It's a game, for Pete's sake.

The whole point of competitive play is to have two balanced teams contest a true struggle for victory.

All you full-party people that enjoy having totally lopsided games where they pull big scores with minimal effort are no better than the people who troll for a laugh, so quit judging.
I'm loving the shenanigans.

User Info: unpleasant_milk

4 years ago#15
troll is just a polite name for ****
GT unpleasant milk
Pepsi is disgusting.

User Info: Kerchak

4 years ago#16
Gotta post this here too? Just saw another topic about this on the front page.
NEVER argue with an Idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
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