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User Info: squall9126

5 years ago#1
every multiplayer match i played yesterday i had to suffer through at least 1 host migration and had at least 10 matches just end halfway through because too many people quit, every bloody match, this is crazy! it's never been this bad for me on any other COD game, they should just take out being able to quit matches. it's frustrating.
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User Info: Juzten76

5 years ago#2
Maybe in future CODs they could replace quitters with a temporary bot with average to above average skills until another player fills that spot. I'm not sure how to handle the host migration problem though. I just wish people would stop being babies and leaving. I can understand leaving when the lag makes it unplayable, but I see a lot of people leave because they get their butt kicked.

There is a quitter I've come across 3 times named something something nightmare or whatever. All three times I've entered a game half way through and he's scoring like 25/2 or more. The next game he's on the opposing team and I kill him several times and his team barely wins. During the 3rd game I hunt him down intentionally because it's fun to kill those guys. Our team is well on it's way to winning when suddenly we are all kicked to the lobby. Guess who's the only one not in the lobby? Mr. Nightmare. Is dashboarding more likely to cause the whole game to end? Because that's what I think he is doing.

User Info: Aristoph

5 years ago#3
From: Juzten76 | #002
Is dashboarding more likely to cause the whole game to end? Because that's what I think he is doing.

Yes. When you just quit, the game can maintain its connection to the host temporarily in order to transfer all the necessary information to the next host. When you dashboard, the connection is completely severed and the game doesn't get a chance to transfer all the necessary information, so the lobby collapses entirely.
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