Anyone here think they're good at sniping?

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  3. Anyone here think they're good at sniping?

User Info: RenegadesFunk

4 years ago#11
Well I mostly use snipers so I guess i'll fit in this category. I have over a 2.00 K/D (2.31 overall) with each sniper minus the SVU and my favorite weapon according to my combat record is the ballista. If I find myself or my team losing I usually have an smg or assualt rifle class to fall on. I'd rather end in a win and go negative or even then to lose a game while going positive, especially the close matches.

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User Info: jumpy

4 years ago#12
i'd say i'm pretty good although i was better in BO1
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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#13
scrilla_o posted...
im pretty good. I love how some pepole hate snipers above all else in the game.

Thing is, people don't snipe in this game....They simply use it as a rifle with a scope (yes there is a difference). Honestly people barely aim with it, they aim and spray about 5 rounds down range.
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User Info: ALLENO31

4 years ago#14
XxChr1s4L1fexX posted...
I use to snipe in the past CoD games but now I don't bother with it.
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  3. Anyone here think they're good at sniping?

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