(Poll) Black Ops 2 or Call of Duty 4?

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User Info: A_Naked_Penguin

4 years ago#21
From: Nordini | #008
A Naked Penguin posted...
I just loved CoD4. I could play it for 8 hours on the rare occasions I had the time. I can only play this for 1 or two before i just get bored and have to put it down. Maybe it's the newness Cod4 had. Maybe I grew up.

You can't tell me which game I had more fun in and that was undoubtedly 4.

This is exactly what i mean when i say blinded by nostalgia. Most people have the most fun with whichever title was the first they seriously played and with the most friends. Doesn't make it the better game though

To me it does. I played CoD2 and 3 and MoH (which as also IW) I just liked CoD4 a lot. I measure how great a game is by how much fun I have playing it. Call me crazy, it could be the most technically sound game ever, but if I think it's boring as all hell, I'll call it a terrible game.

Cod4 and WaW were just simpler and "cleaner" there werent 100's of dirrent types of things in the skies. There were no completely ridiculous over the top gadgets, the maps (mostly) weren't one sided. There was enough room to move around and not feel like im running inside my teammates in a single file line down a hallway.

Blops 2 is entertaining. But it is nothing to me like Cod4 was.
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