What was the problem with MW3?

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User Info: CyhortI82

4 years ago#51
It was made by Infinity Ward.
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#52
DougEInstructor posted...
Caolan_2k9 posted...
DougEInstructor posted...
Robert Bowling screwed up BIG TIME! Now that they fired him I expect MW4 to be amazing!

Robert bowling was one of the few good guys over there, who fought to give is free DLC. Know your facts before running your mouth, he did his best to help us.

Obviously he failed because I STILL PAID FOR DLC. Robert Bowling was a cancer.

He wasn't allowed to succeed, which is why you paid for DLC. He went against the company's wallet's best interest because he felt that paying for maps from CoD4 again wasn't something the community would want. And, he's right. He was trying to make things fair, but Activision got rid of him because they would be hitting copy and paste without getting a penny for it.

He wasn't a cancer. He was hired to be a scapegoat for the entire multiplayer development staff's shortcomings. A pretty crappy job, but that's what it was.
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User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#53
Zero IX posted...
Support Strike Package - sucked
Deathstreaks - sucked
Maps/spawns - sucked
Netcode - sucked
Weapon balance - Mediocre at best, poor at worst
Attachments & Weapon Proficiency - Good concept, poor implementation

Bonus: MoaBs dominating every gameplay on YouTube was stupid and CoD Elite was pointless.

Here we are in BOII were maps/spawns still pretty much suck and netcode also sucks but the other stuff is better.

All of this^

But all of that was actually bearable for me until the SRP buff and Dead silence nerf. The Sitrep pro issue was the icing on the cake for me. I honestly hate SRP more than any other flaw in older CoDs, even more so than MW2 NTs.
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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#54
Going to go ahead and say the maps. Most of the maps were tolerable at best, and a lot were pretty bad. A couple of the things that were added were actually pretty nice, like proficiencies, per class killstreaks, specialist streaks, and some of the killstreaks were pretty nice, loved the recon drone.

User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#55
Terrible spawns.
Death streaks.
Most maps sucked
Blast shield was laughable
Lol assassin
Death streaks
Death streaks

Specialist and moabs were the only things I think I liked.
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User Info: freutty2

4 years ago#56
The same problems that was with MW2, BO, and BO2.
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User Info: Model_Omega

4 years ago#57
Things MW3 did right (because it wasn't all bad)
-Class specific pointstreaks + switching pointstreaks + can get more then 3 in one life
-Weapon diversity
-New perk ideas, Recon + Stalker
-Split up Ghost into two perks (translates into a bad thing though)
-Snipers were good again
-Trophy System
-That weapon hotfix, it was good attempt to try and balance the game

Things MW3 did wrong
-Assassin, why did it have so many abilities!
-Hitbox problems that were further enhanced by Stalker
-Scavenger doesn't resupply equipment
-Horrible weapon balance
-Higher-up pointstreaks are useless due to map design + Blind Eye
-Map design
-Tac-Insert is available in FFA
-Best Proficiancies and Attachments are unlocked late for Snipers and Shotguns
-Useless explosives
-Useless Blast Shield
-Stealth Bomber and EMP
-Useless Riot Shield
-Near useless Scrambler
-Motion Sensor spamming
-Lag compensation and netcoding
-Downgrade in the Font and presentation of points during games compared to MW2
-Lack of EXP bar during gameplay
-Copypasted challanges, callsigns and emblems from MW2

That's all from the top of my head, there's probably more though
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User Info: 2200rms

4 years ago#58
RandomTramp posted...
SergioMach5 posted...
I have a lot of problems with Modern Warfare 3, but the biggest has to be that it solidified the "same CoD every year" arguement that others use against the series for some time up to that, and came out just when the series needed to show otherwise....but it did NOTHING. It kept some of the problems in MW2 and didn't add in lessons learned from black ops. It was happy to copy/paste the entire game together.

Honestly, if you had no prior knowledge of this game, would you believe this is a new game, or an expansion pack?

Nothing? Really?

- Added weapon proficiencies
- Added support package
- Added specialist
- Removed Commando,
- Removed OMA & DC
- Split Ghost Pro into 2 separate perks
- Changed killstreaks to pointstreaks
- Added Kill Confirmed
- Swapped out game-ending nuke for MOAB

Not saying it was a great game, but that's some innovation (Specialist was amazing, btw) and a number of 'fixes'.

The main problem with the game was revenge spawns. Other problems were deathstreaks, host disadvantage and inconsistent (more so than usual) map quality.

you could look at it that way but in the end it doesnt really even out. FFA player here have been for 100s of hours. When the game is running right usually there is to or 3 people kicking tail getting streaks and winning. When the game is all lagged out the leaderboard is always pretty even. even for guys that have massive KD and score per minutes. When its lagging its a big crapshoot and not fun because you can't string anything together and the terribly skilled players somehow are able to do well

User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#59
freutty2 posted...
The same problems that was with MW2, BO, and BO2.

^ Really and what "same problems" would that be from all those games?...
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User Info: bbert901

4 years ago#60
i loved mw2

i think the shotguns were more fun

maps were more fun

loved using mp7 with silencer and rapid fire

i f***ing loved specialist streaks
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