Modern Warfare 2 is the best fps of all time.

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User Info: Superman070776

4 years ago#51

User Info: NightsOwl

4 years ago#52
Sorry, but I still think DooM is the most fun.

And I'm being honest. My first time playing it was only about a year ago. And I'm 19. o_O
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User Info: irishman5705

4 years ago#53
fatclemenza posted...
From: Skello1O | #010
How the hell can you put up with this game after an hour? Teach me.

I lost motivation after getting diamond ARs, which was conveniently one game before prestige master. I started playing a lot less after that.

Change 1 game to 3 and you have my BO2 experience verbatim. This game just isn't fun.

MW2 SnD was great. Everything else, not so much. And also, TC, you misspelled "Halo: CE" in your topic title.
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User Info: egglink

4 years ago#54
This is debatable.
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User Info: SergioMach5

4 years ago#55
if MW2 had been ironed out the proper way (sorry MW3, you didnt even do that task well) it would be the perfect multiplayer experience for a modern shooter.

but even with that, its not got the best story, nor such an original special ops.

Shooters go back decades, and MW2 will be remembered in time as the most anticipated shooter of the 2000's, while CoD4 will be known as the best post WW2 Call of Duty.

Still my favourite of the series mind you, but not everyone can agree on it.
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User Info: Crunchyz

4 years ago#56
While I wouldn't say it's the best FPS out there (I felt BO1 had a better MP that encouraged synergy in your perks rather than just taking the same ones for each loadout, with some excellent map design featuring both Close Combat Rushing maps and Long Sightline maps), I certainly enjoyed it more than MW3, and I liked the guns more than BO2.
This game is virtually all clutter. Even the maps designed for long range (Carrier) have so much clutter on them that decent sightlines are near non-existant.

User Info: Jigawatt

4 years ago#57
MW2 was easily the best CoD to date and those who disagree are wrong. If OMA/Noobtubes and Commando are the only reasons you guys didn't like it then you were probably pretty bad.

User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#58
From: koolboy123 | #057
MW2 was easily the best CoD to date and those who disagree are wrong.

Well, you heard it folks. I guess we can all go home now.
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#59
Uh no, that's still Goldeneye.
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User Info: skaterX

4 years ago#60
Learn to hunt down and assassinate campers.
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