Favorite gun in-game and IRL?

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User Info: 11Bahamut11

5 years ago#71
I feel much regret for all the gun restrictions of the Cali people. My heart goes out to all of you :(
Do you know how large the projectile is that the Barrett fires? 3 shots of that would level an entire 3rd world village.

User Info: Wesley_Willis

5 years ago#72
DarkLeemer posted...
Wesley_Willis posted...
Doktor_Kaboom posted...
Never mind. I looked up the 5.7x28 cartridge and the thing looks like an assault rifle cartridge. Wow. What a beast! I know what you're talking about now.

Yeah it's awesome. The clip is easy to load, I believe it held 20-21 rounds! And yeah, the recoil is very small compared to other handguns I've shot (which isn't many). There's this awesome gun range I go to out here in Michigan where you can shoot a fully automatic MP5 , an Uzi, and a silenced Uzi. So much fun :) but that's also where I shot the Five Seven. Man now I wanna go back haha.

Man. I'm definitely jealous. Over here in California, we can't get any of those fun toys. No suppressors, no mags over 10 rounds, and no fully auto weapons. Is the MP5 the 9mm or like the MP5-A5 that shoots .22 lr?

It was 9mm. So are the Uzi's, but I only shot the MP5. Best $50 I ever spent.
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User Info: Gunther482

5 years ago#73
I have a range in my backyard as well. Well actually its a corn field but it works.
GT: ShamefulFool
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