Infinity Ward or Treyarch?

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User Info: F_H_Nukem

4 years ago#21
MistaHardkill posted...
Nordini posted...
CoD3 was the worst CoD in the series.

But as WaW was the best, i will forgive them and go with Treyarch.

CoD3 was developed start to finish in 8 months. It deserves a break.

i never understood the hate for CoD3

it was one of the early console online games. yes, it had some balance issues because of it

i used to play it ALL THE TIME just to drive the jeeps on eder dam. LOL

didnt it also have that funny quote in the campain about the germans drinking all the coffee and eating all the donuts too?
"The CoD franchise is the McDonalds of video games, its widely known to be bad but millions still eat it up" - therickmu25 - 11/26/12

User Info: Littleshrtstout

4 years ago#22
CoD4>=WaW I loved both
MW2 < Blops I liked BO1 more
MW3 > BO2 I loved MW3 and would also love BO2 if it didn't have such extreme lag comp.

Honestly, I like both and always have. I dislike these developer debates.
I love you

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#23
IW hands down. At least they know what kind of game they want.
"It's like people using the internet have never heard of the internet." - SadHillShowdown Gamefaqs member

User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#24
Hello, COD4. Enough Said.
You wanna make me a sandwich?

User Info: WeaponX115

4 years ago#25
treyarch all the way cause of zombies <3

User Info: QualiT

4 years ago#26
IW can actually code games but have poor balance gun and perk wise.

3arch cant code for crap, but they balance everything nicely.

so really IW. At least if im gonna face poor players using OP things, its nice to play with a good connection as opposed to being 1 second behind...
All Things Require Sacrifice.

User Info: Jpshadow08

4 years ago#27
One cant help but wonder if old IW and 3arc made a game together.
"Halo Reach is like Bush being in office. You're forced to go to war and not allowed to quit." -JoshCubeX

User Info: ItIsAPsyBorg

4 years ago#28
I have said this before, and I will say it again.

IN ORDER (starting with COD4):

IW - Great game, bad game, abysmally bad game.
3Arc - Best COD, good game, horrible game.

Therefore, Treyarch is better.

User Info: ItIsAPsyBorg

4 years ago#29
motoraptor posted...
I used to like Treyarch more but now I dislike them both.

I am beyond annoyed that Vonderhaar only takes to twitter to talk about his god damn MLG buddies that the vast majority of the community realistically does NOT care about. He never addresses issues that have been raised multiple times and continues to be butt buddies with a minority. Considering Vonderhaar is the self-appointed community manager at Treyarch can he start MANAGING THE COMMUNITY?

While I realize this is only 1 man it really does reflect the mentality that Treyarch has developed.

I think you're on to something. In the end, Vonderhaar is actually pretty clueless. He's been in the news not to long ago recommending a class involving the SCAR with Extended Clip and Select Fire alongside frags in both his lethal and tactical slots. He doesn't really have a grip on this game, so he looks to specific high status individuals to guide him. Such individuals don't necessarily know what is right for the game and can be blind fanboys at times.
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