How would you buff the so called "underpowered" weapons?

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  3. How would you buff the so called "underpowered" weapons?

User Info: parkourboybryan

4 years ago#1
By looking at this board, it seems like people think these particular weapons are UP: The S12, Executioner, M1216, Vector K10, SVU-AS, LMGs as a whole, Swat-556 and KSG.

S12: Increase the min damage from 6 to 8, making the damage 240-64, allowing it to get 2-3 hit kills much more often.

Executioner: Increase Min Damage to 8,making it 240-64, give it fast mags by default, and make the attachment speed up the animation. The final kicker would be making the damage drop from 30 to 10 at 6 meters instead of 4, and from 10 to 8 at 10 meters instead of at 6 and until the end of its range.

M1216: Same as S12, increase damage from 25-6 to 25-8, giving it a better chance to get kills within the burst and adding more consistency.

Vector K10: It says contains recoil mitigation technology, give it low recoil. Maybe similar to the Spectre/Mac11 from BLOPS for anyone that used them.

SVU-AS: Make it a OSK to the head and neck, and to the head while silenced.

LMGs: Decrease normal ADS time to .350 seconds, and .225 seconds with QuickDraw.

Swat-556: Buff Damage to 49-25, so it can one burst to longer ranges, and get a 2 hit kill with a headshot. Still unsure if a 1.1 upper chest Multiplyer would make it OP, or just right.

KSG: Decrease ADS time to .2 seconds from .25 seconds since its almost reliant on ADS for reliable kills.

Would anything I've posted break balance, and if it would, what would you change?

Inb4shotgunwhining. These changes could go through and they'd still be weaker than the ones from MW2, BLOPS, and MW3.
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User Info: Gunther482

4 years ago#2
LMG: Decrease of ADS time or increase the QD effectiveness to be on par with other weapon classes.

S12/M1216: I personally think they're fine.

KSG: Needs to be more consistent. The removal of the functional ADS delay would probably be the best way to buff the weapon but I do not think that it is possible to remove.

SVU-AS: Make it a OHK to the head w/ a silencer.
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User Info: CDeMichiei

4 years ago#3
Only one I might agree with is the S12. Everything else... No.
-Chris D

User Info: therenegadenail

4 years ago#4
all of these guns are fine as is, except the executioner, that thing is just horrible

User Info: PFiction24

4 years ago#5

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  3. How would you buff the so called "underpowered" weapons?

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