Name the best thing from each cod.

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User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#21
Cod 4: Soundwhoring
WaW: Dogs killstreak
MW2: Maps (and everything else, pretty much)
BO: Suppressed Spas 12
MW3: Specialist
BO2: Pick 10 system
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User Info: verby45

4 years ago#22
In respective order, maps, war, connection, blackbird, specialist, scorestreaks
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User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#23
CoD 4: Create-a-Class
WAW: Flamethrower
MW2: Host Migration
BO1: Interactive Maps
MW3: Being rewarded for doing objective / Specialist
BO2: Pick 10
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User Info: patgd04

4 years ago#24
cod4: n/p
waw n/p
mw2 hit detection lag and all that good stuff other than commando through bullets =/
Blop 1 map flow simple maps easy learned constant flow other than the full ghost lobbies but hey class for dat =3 also very fun with a party of 2 or more
mw3 streaks per class
bo2 emp grenade
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User Info: Baradekai

4 years ago#25
Nothing, because cod is s***.
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  3. Name the best thing from each cod.

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