Question about maps and weapons

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User Info: Brighattalon

4 years ago#1
There has been a lot said about the quality of maps and the types of weapons that are used in this game.
I read posts where players have obscene numbers of kills with a particular gun.
I can understand liking a certain weapon to main it or grinding with one for the challenges and the camos.
But I was wondering if anyone plays more like I do....
Depending on the map, I generally employ different tactics and guns.
Case in point, I used to hate Cargo (still don't particularly care for it, but I don't dislike it anymore) but after I adopted the play style where I run and gun around the edges of the map with a "SMG of your choice" with ghost and a silencer, I do pretty well on that map.
And I ain't going to lie, whenever I have to play Meltdown, I usually camp my behind off in one of the office building with an LMG.
Standoff: Assault rifle, usually FAL or SCAR-H
Turbine: LMG or Assault rifle (AN-94 or FAL)
Yemen: Type, MTAR, or PDW (although I did pretty well with the semi-auto FAL on it recently, which really surprised me)
Carrier: LMG or sometimes I'll take an AR or SMGs to the sides to mix things up.

But anyway, you get my point.

But for the life of me, I can't find anything that really works on Drone or Plaza....
Xbox live gamertag: winteragent
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