why do people troll girl gamers?

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  3. why do people troll girl gamers?

User Info: dario1101

4 years ago#71
nitepanther1987 posted...
I only do it to attention whores. The ones that are like "OMG lol im lyk a gurl and im playin CoD". They're just as annoying as any other troll online.

Lol, wait until KittyHeart sees that... :P

But yeah, I always try to be friendly to girls. And no i'm not looking to be a weirdo and try to ask them where they are from and stalk them. ._.

I only like one girl and i'm sticking to it!
Although there is this one girl on XBOXlive who likes me >_>
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User Info: dueric

4 years ago#72
People don't troll girl gamers. Kids do.

It's the same principle as pulling that girl's you like hair in second grade because you have absolutely no clue how to express the fact that you like girls.
"It's like people using the internet have never heard of the internet." - SadHillShowdown Gamefaqs member

User Info: Teh_5_Starz

4 years ago#73
on a serious note, MOST (not all) girl gamers are pretty bad
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User Info: nogin55

4 years ago#74
for every gamer girl, there usually flocks of guys with them. i find it entertaining when those guys that accompany them act like complete stuck-ups, retards, or a-holes. there are also rare cases where i would troll them. i have to admit that those reactions are priceless.

i also believe that if you meet a girl on xbox, you shouldn't expect much because i mean come on, it's XBOX. they might sound hot but voice can be deceiving.
GT: nogin55

User Info: Longhorn58

4 years ago#75
startedONatari posted...
. i couldn't believe some of the **** that came out of her mouth.

You would have if you seen what I put into it! Hello it's me, yep I'm that guy that starts in with "Shut up B**** go to the Kitchen". Why you ask? Because the whole thing is a game. From the lobby chat to the Kill Cam its meant for entertainment. Those that take it seriously are booooooring *SNOZE* Why dont you buck up? Because in the end you arent going to make any real life long friends, meet the girl of your dreams, or even see the people your playing with ever again.
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User Info: Dreamsaber

4 years ago#76

NinjaDeath911 posted...
Dreamsaber posted...
NinjaDeath911 posted...
Cause 90% of guys here don't know how to talk to women
This is another thing that bothers me; why do people only assume/address that males troll females?

So what...females trolling females?
Yes... that is a thing that exists. Why does nobody ever talk about it?
You opened a debate, and I'll be damned if you're not going to finish it. ~smashbrother3

User Info: Shadonic

4 years ago#77
95% of the cod playerbase is kids.

though whenever I encounter lady gamers playing BO2, 95% of them seem to be the scummy mummy types, swearing along with the rest of them and cussing at every little thing.
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User Info: ih0tfirei

4 years ago#78
Teh_5_Starz posted...
on a serious note, MOST (not all) girl gamers are pretty bad

I've been in parties where other players played worse than the girl...and she wasn't good
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User Info: dengeist

4 years ago#79
I play with a girl/woman that owns most guys and she gets trolled all the time. I think it's a pride issue. It doesn't help that she's a minority, so she gets s*** from racist trolls too. It's a little jarring, but that's what happens when you have a game that any idiot can pick up and play.

User Info: Hiruseki

4 years ago#80
I get a lot of abuse from males and females. Mostly, girls tend to be really catty and guys just tell me how I sound like an 11-year-old queer. The guys who do it are probably socially awkward and don't know how to react, lol.

It's the internet and I guarantee you they would never do this in real life. I don't take it to heart when people act all tough on the internet, why would anyone get genuinely annoyed over this?
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