What beverage do you drink to keep yourself hydrated when playing Black Ops II?

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  3. What beverage do you drink to keep yourself hydrated when playing Black Ops II?

User Info: AethonWarrior

5 years ago#31
Rarely do I ever drink water during the day it's always a big glass of tea with 1 fake sugar sweetener then at lunch I have a big glass of half coke zero half tea, stuff is so good. Then later in the day I just drink beer. I really need to drink more water...
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User Info: zxrax_alt_1

5 years ago#32
From: ihaveyahoorares | #003
Gamma Gamers Energy Drinks! They give me an edge that none of the other gamers have unless they bought a ridiculous product like me!

Gamma labs actually tastes pretty damn good. I got a free sample for liking their facebook page or whatever, ended up with a lemon lime flavored one. I pretty much wouldn't ever buy it but for free it was f***in delicious.
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User Info: Model_Omega

5 years ago#33
Either straight up water or Pepsi.
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User Info: cronot31

5 years ago#34
Quote:cronot31 posted...
Smirnoff Ice: Green Apple, the drink of cheerleaders.



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User Info: iamjosh308

5 years ago#35
its called pop not soda
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User Info: georgiaboy11

5 years ago#36
Coffee or either Mountain Dew.

I'd like to believe it's the equivalent of drinking Fergies tears.

User Info: gunho7

5 years ago#37
The blood of my enemies.
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User Info: Chargrilled

5 years ago#38
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User Info: ThisIsMithos

5 years ago#39
Moegitto posted...
There was a outage of them here, but they recently started getting them back in. Learned in the military to eat sunflower seeds because they contain healthy amounts of sodium and that helps to retain water so you wouldn't cramp up in Iraq when the temperature hit over 120. Works well while playing games, low need to use the bathroom every 20 minutes and I don't feel guilty about eating while I play :)

I don't mean to jump off topic, but you can't really claim them to have "healthy" amounts of sodium, that just depends on how much sodium the rest of your diet contains. Excess sodium can dehydrate you, which would cause you to pee less. Just something to think about.

It's just like when people talk about vegetables being healthy and Burger King being unhealthy. Too much of anything is bad, including vegetables. And if you eat generally natural, unprocessed foods, something like fast food here and there will have minimal effects. In other words, it's the diet as a whole.

*end tangent* =p Anyway, mainly water or milk. Not really a soda drinker.

User Info: TheBatman91

5 years ago#40
My own tears from how much this game makes rage.
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  3. What beverage do you drink to keep yourself hydrated when playing Black Ops II?

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