What's your K/D and what's your FAL setup?

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User Info: -vIc-LeGeND

4 years ago#51
chessmyantidrug posted...
-vIc-LeGeND posted...
Yea my spm is at 104 for search , which in my experience is overall really good,...but not beastly, my friend has a 140 spm with 2.26 kd in search and those are beastly....

Sometimes I run into people with similar stats as my friend, and they do bad ,so guess what they do?....that's right! dashboard!! ....lol....but his are legit I can attest to that been playing online shooters with since socom 2 almost 10 yrs ago and has always been a beast

You can't directly compare SPM from one game mode to another which is why SPM is meaningless without context. It's all about where your SPM ranks in that game mode. I haven't played S&D regularly since Black Ops and I only played it for about two months. My SPM in S&D ranks 45232 of 3741851. I'll probably start playing a little S&D after I hit Master Prestige.

Im not comparing game modes...104 is my SnD spm...my overall is 107...lol...well I out of my 5300 or so kills over 5000 are in search ....so with that said..

I always spam, lobby leaderboard and on avg I'm near the or on top with my 104 spm....

And yea my friends spm in search is 140 not overall,..I don't what that is cuz he does play other game modes...but SnD is his favorite....
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