What's so great about blackhat?

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User Info: TheRealJayveezy

4 years ago#31
Black hats are super neato but EMPs really do a better job. The black hat could use some loving. Instead of telling the enemy their equipment was hacked make it just a beep or the sound you hear when your care package has been stolen, and when you hack scorestreaks you should get the scorestreak. Now that would make black hats awesome and I am pretty sure is what 90% of the people thought was going to happen when they first used a black hat.

User Info: slayerxelite

4 years ago#32
Getting those kills from hacked enemy equipment makes the Blackhat feel oh so good.
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User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#33
If you play a lot of HC modes you're not an amazing player cause thats noob easy mode.

JK, you should give your GT cause all I play is the easy noob mode.
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User Info: shemzahaay

4 years ago#34
I love retrieveing packages from roofs.
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User Info: A_Monster

4 years ago#35
I run a support killstreak class which is only effective in small maps like nuketown and hijacked. With hardline, and emps great range, you can rack up huge amounts of assist points. The small size of the maps.means i can toss emps randomly and itll get a hitmarker followed by assist points. Destroying enemy equipment is a plus. I also look out for enemy Air support for my launcher or black hat to take out. I try to participate in as few engagements as possible and take only a few pot shots in hopes that someone else will finish him off for assist points.

Though emps are far better in racking up points than black hat, black hats are still needed at those times when i am out of supplies and there are no blue bags nearby. When I am completely out of emps, launcher ammo, and even blackhats, that is when I must venture out to grab some blue bags and kill enemies to keep up the scorestreak momentum.

Once a uav and counter uav are up, watch those points come in boosted by hardline.
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User Info: bobstevens23123

4 years ago#36
pre patch they were better then emp nades
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User Info: outcast1398

4 years ago#37
NinjaDeath911 posted...
They were good until I realized I'm a sitting duck hacking a sentry guardian, why do that when I can just throw an emp grenade and get massive points

Once the hack starts you can duck behind cover as long as you're still pointed at it.

User Info: CallMeSeeker

4 years ago#38
No deployment time. They work near instantly on equipment.
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User Info: Jikkle

4 years ago#39
EMP is more useful but Blackhat has it's uses as well but it's more situational.

Hacking C4 or a BB can be useful in hardpoint or any objective that has a team holding a point.

On the flipside if you're holding a point and the enemy flings in a BB or shock charge it's more useful to hack it and make it a part of your defenses then to wipe it with an EMP.

User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#40
But black hats can destroy air killstreaks. When there's an escort drone right over the objective, two guys with black hats is all it takes, all while freeing you into using whatever secondary you want.
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