Would these be OP as DLC weapons?

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  3. Would these be OP as DLC weapons?

User Info: sstoerzinger

4 years ago#21
parkourboybryan posted...
juggernaut_ike posted...
why do you care so much. like seriously every time i look up here you have some super serious topic up that doesnt reallyy matter at all

1. Guess you cared enough to post, so there's that.

2. To answer your poorly worded sentence/question, it's because I'm trying to keep my ideas fresh. I'm going to college for Game Art & Design right now, and I'm always looking for Ideas to improve or add things to a game without messing up the balance in it. Always trying to think outside the box and come up with ideas to add more diversity to the game. New weapons that are varied from others add diversity.

3. IIRC, the last topic I made on this board was a poll asking people to rate the MTAR (Which I was supposed to continue, but a project prevented me). So stop your b******* about how meaningless my topics are, because as "meaningless" they may or may not be, your moronic replies are way more. I at least try to form discussions rather than attacking board members.

Dude you owned him. Hahahaha
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  3. Would these be OP as DLC weapons?

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