SnD Setup?

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User Info: L4DMalus

5 years ago#1
Want to start playing Search more often, what's a decent loadout on both Offense and Defense and what is the best way to play each side as far as planting/defending. Is concerned?
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User Info: ShuraYukihime

5 years ago#2
Find a group of like minded people. Playing with random players is a quick way to frustration. Too many people play it like one life TDM.

Watch videos and learn nade spots and sight lines.

Play to your strengths. If you're good with a weapon type, use it. Don't try and change simply because someone says something else is better.

Understand the mentality of your opponents. Some will be quality. Most won't. If you kill someone expect them to expect you to do the same thing the next round.

Have at least one class with EMP nades. If you find that you encounter heavy equipment usage just pop them and be on your way.

Assume everyone is using Flak Jacket, Engineer, or Tac Mask. If they aren't it's a nice bonus but you're safer to plan that they are.
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User Info: TheRealJayveezy

5 years ago#3
Feel free to try some perks and equipment you don't use in normal modes. Dead silence, awareness, and sensor grenades become very useable choices in this mode, so don't be afraid to try something different. Just like any setup in any mode you have to find what works best for you, and one setup that works for you might not work for others.

User Info: Erupt50

5 years ago#4
Here's my SnD setup.

Chicom w/ select fire,long barrel, and mms
Dead silence
Primary gunfighter
Smoke grenade

Uav/hunter killer/care package
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User Info: AtomskVII

5 years ago#5
The essentials for me are Stock, Scavenger, Engineer, Claymore and ghost or a smaw. Claymores help slow the rushers down in the main lanes and scavenger will give you extras.

If the enemy is heavily using equipment I will pull out a class with the above that also has a emp grenade.
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User Info: Astro_B0mb

5 years ago#6
Flak jacket
Awareness + DS
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User Info: L4DMalus

5 years ago#7
I would like to thank everyone for giving serious advice and not trolling
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

User Info: mariofan619

5 years ago#8
From: Astro_B0mb | #006
Flak jacket
Awareness + DS


Tho I hardly ever run DS, because people are stupid.
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