Anyone wanna boost?

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User Info: Superman070776

4 years ago#121
I won't case you missed the sarcasm.

User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

4 years ago#122
FeelMyBlade posted...

I will get them legit. Someday.

Still boosters are bad. At least you can accept that. I won't waste my time with you anymore.

More power to ya. Even nature takes the path of less resistance in electronics. No reason why I shouldn't.

Soul_On_Display posted...

People took this topic seriously?

EDIT: As unfortunate as this is for me, I have to agree with FMB. It doesn't matter how insignificant the cost of boosting is. It is still an abuse of the system. Why should people be allowed to cheat their way through challenges when other people actually worked hard to achieve what they did? You know how many rounds I suffered running around with the executioner until I could get it gold, legitimately??

You know how many rounds I didn't because I'm not a masochist? You made your choice and you made the inefficient. Now you're jealous and mad that someone else has the same camo as you, but they got it more easily.

User Info: Reyman500

4 years ago#123
Not as bad as lag switchers
Poliwag hax s

User Info: TheRichness

4 years ago#124
matrix0523 posted...
Lol@ caring enough to boost.

Lol@ caring that people are boosting.


You're right. If they boost they don't have any advantage on you. They are actually disadvantage due to not actually practicing.

User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#125
spacecowboy44 posted...
ITT: Bunch of short-tempered mouth breathers.

never said its not cheating...b.c it is...however it brings not 1 single advantage to them by boosting for camos....but plz do continue to cry more about a video game

to THEM... to everybody else who just want to play the game and win, they cant because they are too busy having to lose the game and deal with illigit killstreaks sent out simply because of two retards who just cheat the game for their own benefit and they just happened to be on the same stuck with the other cheater on the receiving end of dying 30 times every minute and putting a notch on your W/L record.

go find a private game if you want to crawl into the bushes and do your kinky stuff. there is no reason to justify blatant cheating and ruining public games because you are too bad and lazy at the game to obtain your gear the way everybody else has to.

if there is any signs of boosting in a public just turn in the video. simple as that.

other people dont care about the color of their guns or what their friends from middle school will think of them when they see it. they just want to play the game and try to win without having to deal with morons and cheaters exploiting the mechanics of the game just to get some flashy stupid camo that they arent good enough to obtain legit.

i hope the tc is just trolling and isnt serious. for his own sake. if its any other way i would feel sorry for his pathetic existance in the gaming world.

User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#126
lol @ the people trying to defend boosting as if it doesnt affect anybody else. did you forget to take your medication today?

so little johnny is a bad gamer and cant manage to get some lame camo for his gun without getting his friends to help him go into public games and cheat. as a result, the game is over in half of the time it should have been, one group of people get the win for doing nothing all game but try to play the game, while the other guys on the team who are trying to play the game are stuck getting their K/D ratios affected after getting taken out by the killstreaks one guy obtained on the side via cheating, and getting their W/L records tainted because of the other cheater on their team.

yes. that doesnt affect anybody elses gaming experience, nope., not at all! simply because little johnyy the cheater is terrible at the game and doesnt know any other way to play rather than cheat, grief, exploit , and ruin the game for everybody else who just want to play the game, just so he can get some dumb little camo to show off to his ten year old friends at school.

i mean you guys trying to defend blatant cheating are just as bad as the morons who do it. no wonder this community gets such a bad rep. anything to play a game in the manner it was not designed or intended to be played i guess.

i mean if this game is that boring and too much of a grind and a chore for you that you have to do this kind of stuff because its the only way you can enjoy it, maybe its time to play a different game. just dont try to defend your cheating as if it was anything else. that aint gonna slide.

User Info: SDCobalion

4 years ago#127
I helped some guy boost the "destroy 5 tact inserts in one liife" challenge because I thought it was stupidly hard to do naturally.

I never even see tact inserts in this game.
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User Info: Reyman500

4 years ago#128
Well I got my camo =] no ham banner yet
Poliwag hax s

User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#129
naughtynuggetz posted...
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
FeelMyBlade posted...
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
If anyone's mad, it's you, considering all your defamation and slander towards people who understand what real cheating is.

No, you are completely out of your mind now. There is cheating that doesn't affect others, and then there is cheating that does.

You might want to get that straight first, since you sound really mad.

If I sound mad, you must sound completely irate and close to a stroke from high blood pressure lol.

Calm down man, you'll get diamonds one day.

haha, what a nerd.. "you'll get diamonds one day"

Nobody cares about camos other than nerds like yourself. I'll shoot you in the face over and over with my default skin guns all day. I realize you need those flashy camos to compensate for your other shortcomings in life, but seriously nobody cares about them except other nerds like yourself and little boys.

Personally I think these people crying about how it's unfair that boosters are cheating in a video game are the ones who sound like nerds.

And lol @ you trying to act like a psychologist and tell people why they're trying to get flashy camos.

"Man, I got rejected by that girl I wanted to ask out...guess I'll go boost for some camos now so I have something to feel good about in life :( :( :("

lmfao, give me a break. People boost because it's an easy way to get something that they think looks cool. Do I think it's worth the trouble of boosting to get some camos so my gun performs the exact same but just looks a little cooler? No, but calling anyone who does a nerd who is compensating is just plain stupid.
"Please tell us again of the importance of being a pro Call of Duty player. I seemed to have missed that."

User Info: trakrunr4evr

4 years ago#130
I'd love to boost please invite me. GT: xxxxxxxxxSWAGYOLOSNIP3Z360NOSCOPExxxxxxxxx
GT: Stelthmastr

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