I never understood the love for Hijacked/Nuketown

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User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
4 years ago#41
People like the cluster**** maps because it allows them to think they might actually be ok at the game when they aren't.
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User Info: BoyWitArabStrap

4 years ago#42
camstar57 posted...
W@W dome is the best CQC map ever. period.

This opinion is fact.

Anyway hijacked isn't all that bad. At least it is laid out in a way that isn't just a huge annoying maze like Carrier. Carrier sucks so much.

it really was though

User Info: Dontogan

4 years ago#43
The CoD community has always loved small maps. Look at Shipment. It's like a third of the size of Nuketown.
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User Info: ShuraYukihime

4 years ago#44
ih0tfirei posted...
ShuraYukihime posted...
People piss and moan about them yet they don't avoid the nuketown 24/7 lobby when it happens.

The answer is simple, action. Smaller maps offer more action. They offer less places for people to "post up". They are among the more balanced maps.

No they aren't. I'm also extremely grateful that nuketown is in its own playlist so I never have to play that atrocious map.

What is unbalanced about it?
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#45
Hijacked is one of my favorite maps because it reminds me of Wetworks from CoD4 (which is one of my favorite CoD4 maps) but in daytime. However, the spawns do need to be altered (remove some on top deck and add some on bottom deck). Even though the spawns are broken, the spawns don't really affect me that much (but they do a little).

Nuketown 2025 is my favorite CoD map not because of competition, but because of its easter egg. In Custom Games (I don't know if it works in Public Matches but I know it doesn't work on local multiplayer), if you shoot all of the mannequin heads within 2 minutes, the screen board will have the Activision logo in 8-bit and you can play the 4 Activision games that were on the Atari 2600 on the screen board. One of my favorite parts of BO2. But I always liked Nuketown since BO1. I played Nuketown and Nuketown 2025 a lot in Combat Training (BO1) and Custom Games (BO2) that I pretty much know how the spawns work on that map (but not all of the spawns).

The only small map that I don't like (that I use to love) is Shipment from Call of Duty 4. I use to like it because I could get multiple kills easier (which is why I liked small maps in other CoD games). I later hated Shipment after being blasted by a bunch of grenades, especially from those who have the perks Martydom and Sonic Boom. Shipment is the most chaotic map out of all the small maps (because it is the smallest map ever). Take a look of this video (CoD4 PC - 50 players on Shipment) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK4WXnfOiLU - So much chaos that I don't like Shipment.
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