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Zombie Weapons

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User Info: BodybagJones

4 years ago#1
I haven't found any useful zombie weapon guides, so i did some testing of my own to see if these new guns are as inaccurate as they seem.

Before I get into the weapons, it's worth noting some base information that i believe is 100% true.
1. Double Tap. Increases fire rate and doubles bullet damage, a 100% increase. Easily the second best perk in the game.
2. Tranzit Deadshot Bonus. For getting a collateral headshot in tranzit you recieve double headshot damage. To keep this upgrade you must continue to get headshots, it can be lost and when lost can be re-earned. I've activated the bonus multiple times in the same game so it's not permanant for the rest of the game once unlocked.
3. Zombie health formula hasn't been changed since black ops 1, neither has the damage/headshot multipliers for the original black ops 1 weapons.

I did a 5 gun control group that reaffirmed these assertions.
1. MP115 - (140 - Base Damage)(5x Headshot Multiplier)(2x DoubleTap Bonus)(2x Deadshot Bonus) = 2800 Maximum Damage
Clean Headshots until round 20 (2710 zombie health)
2. AK74fu2 - (190 - Base Damage)(5x Headshot Multiplier)(2x DoubleTap Bonus)(2x Deadshot Bonus) = 3800 Maximum Damage
Clean Headshots until round 23 (3607 zombie health)
3. Lamentation (220 - Base Damage)(5x Headshot Multiplier)(2x DoubleTap Bonus)(2x Deadshot Bonus) = 4400 Maximum Damage
Clean Headshots until round 25 (4364 zombie health)
4. WN - (240 - Base Damage)(5x Headshot Multiplier)(2x DoubleTap Bonus)(2x Deadshot Bonus) = 4800 Maximum Damage
Clean Headshots until round 26 (4800 zombie health)
5. Mnesia (200 - Base Damage)(6x Headshot Multiplier)(2x DoubleTap Bonus)(2x Deadshot Bonus) = 4800 Maximum Damage
Clean Headshots until round 26 (4800 zombie health)

other weapons i tried on tranzit just to see how they stack up.
1. M8A1 - clean headshots until round 21
2. HAMR - clean headshots until round 27

Onto the weapons, i'm not covering ray gun or other explosive weapons, they're hard to quantify against bullet weapons.
If you're going for points, Pack A Punch is more useful than double tap, if you're going for quick kills, double tap is better than pack a punch except on snipers and shotguns which recieve significant upgrades from pack a punch.

Pistols - all pistols are accurate and can make for an effective secondary for a quick swap to finish a threat before reloading.
Colt M1911/Mustang & Sally - starter pistol is effective for a few rounds, always good for going for points. Mustang & Sally is very powerful but dangerous, very likely to down yourself with this weapon unless handled with care.
KAP-40/Karmic Atom Perforator-4000 - the only full auto pistol available, damage is moderate to low, viable option if pulled out of the box early, but not a idle selection for a permanant secondary.
B23R/B34R - a viable secondary for it's renewable ammuntion, definitely a better choice than the KAP-40.
Five-Seven/Ultra ( & Violet) - single shot pistol requires a trigger finger to be a good choice, if you have it, it's a solid selection. Damage is high compared to the previous pistols and the Ultra can be attachment PaP'd for fast mags for the fastest reloading weapon in the game.
Python/Cobra - unchanged from black ops 1, high power, lower ammuntion. Good weapon for kills a solid secondary to blast your way out of trouble.
Executioner/Voice Of Justice - the bare executioner isn't that great, but the voice of justice paired with double tap can one shot zombies past round 30, making it the ultimate secondary to get yourself out of a corner. Can be attachment PaP'd for Long Barrel for better one shot range.

User Info: BodybagJones

4 years ago#2
Assault Rifles - this is where it gets interesting, the assault rifles get broken down into two classes.

RETURNING FAVORITES - these are the accurate assault rifles.
M14/Mnesia - solid opening selection and the Mnesia can be used as an end game renewable ammo weapon, especially in tranzit where the deadshot bonus really makes the Mnesia shine.
M16/Skullcrusher - moderate damage assault rifle, renewable ammo makes it a solid choice for any point in the game.
FAL/WN - highest damage assault rifle, PaP'd it becomes a three round burst weapon, but deals extremly high damage for an assault rifle. Second best PaP assault rifle.
Galil/Lamentation - best assault rifle, combination of high damage & ammo capacity makes it an ideal selection. A monster on tranzit with the PaP/Deadshot/Double Tap combination where it will One Shot Headshot zombies through round 24!

NEW ASSAULT RIFLES - inaccurate weapons best used for firing on groups of zombies.
MTAR/Malevolent Toxonomic Anodized Redeemer - boasts the highest ammo capacity of the new assault rifles, PaP increases accuracy but still nowhere close to 100% accurate.
Type 25/Strain 25 - highly inaccurate with moderate damage, seems to have the same damage profile of the M16 but with the drawback of being highly inaccurate. No good reason to use this if M16 is available.
SMR/Sm1l3r - highly inaccurate with low damage and a semi-automatic firing weapon. PaP does not signifcantly increase accuracy or damage making this only a viable selection over the starter pistol, curse the conspiracy box for giving you this every time.
M8A1/Micro Aerator - 4 round burst weapon with low to moderate damage, the M8A1 is very inaccurate, Aiming Down Sight fire is the equivalent of hipfiring a shotgun, bullets go everywhere. The PaP Micro Aerator however is the best of the new assault rifles, as it is the only accurate one and with a high fire rate and low recoil, it can rip the heads of zombies very quickly at the higher rounds, making it viable.
M27/Mystifier - seems to be a lower recoil version of the MTAR with same ammuntion counts and very similar damage profile.

Light Machine Guns - high ammo capacity with low accuracy.
RPD/Relativistic Punishment Device - low accuracy offset by high ammuntion count. The PaP version gets an accuracy boost with the largest reserve of ammuntion available.
HAMR/SLDG HAMR - deals higher damage than the RPD, but still suffers from the same accuracy problems with a lower ammuntion reserve.
LSAT/FSIRT - seems to be the worse LMG, damage seems to be lower than the HAMR and the ammuntion count is lowest in class.

Sniper Rifles - high power single shot rifles.
Barret M82A1/Macro Annihilator - inaccurate with low damage and low ammuntion count compared to it's counterpart. recommend you avoid this weapon.
DSR 50/Dead Specimen Reactor 5000 - a new favorite of several players, high damage combined with huge multipliers makes it the ultimate in damage dealing. realistically this is a weapon that is for round 30 and beyond, before that the high damage assault rifles and LMG's can deal just as much death while being easier to use.

Olympia/Hades - Olympia is useful for the opening rounds but beyond that should be avoided, the Hades is viable at all times but not a great selection for a return on investment.
870MCS/Refitted 870 Mechanical Cranium Sequencer - the 870MCS isn't much more powerful than the olympia, however the PaP version is the powerhouse shotgun of zombies, usable at any round.
S12/Synthetic Dozen - this thing is just terrible, the ammuntion count would need to quadruple for this thing to be a viable choice.
M1216/Mesmerizer - a usable shotgun, seems like it shoots blanks at times but still a viable option early in the game if pulled from the box. The mesmerizer can clear hordes of zombies in the early rounds but not a good choice for the higher rounds.

User Info: BodybagJones

4 years ago#3
My final opinions are that before round 20, with double tap, you can functionally play with any PaP'd weapon. Beyond round 20, i classify the PaP'd versions of weapons into four tiers, based on their damage dealing potential.

THE ELITE - these are the best weapons.
Ray Gun, Dead Specimen Reactor 5000, Refitted 870 Mechanical Cranium Sequencer, SLDG HAMR, Lamentation, WN, Voice Of Justice, Cobra.

GOOD CHOICES - a step down from the elite weapons, used efficiently they are strong enough to get you through most rounds.
Relativistic Punishment Device, FSIRT, Micro Aerator, Skullcrusher, Mnesia, AK74fu2, Ultra ( & Violet), Mustang & Sally

USABLE - all of these weapons have a flaw that make them pale in comparison to the aforementioned weapons, whether it be damage, ammunition count or accuracy.
Mesmerizer, Hades, Macro Annihilator, Malevolent Toxonomic Anodized Redeemer, Mystifier, Chicom Cataclismic Quadruple Burst, MP115 Kollider, B34R

BAD CHOICES - don't count on these weapons to get you through a round, they won't.
Synthetic Dozen, Sm1l3r, Strain 25, Karmic Atom Perforator-4000

User Info: Teh_5_Starz

4 years ago#4
You should totally put this in the FAQs section
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User Info: BodybagJones

4 years ago#5
i would but i don't have the requisite information to do anything more than an opinion of the weapons.

also missed the SMG section, stupid character limit. =c)

Sub-Machine Guns - all SMG's are accurate weapons with a low ammuntion reserve.
MP5/MP115 Kollider - moderate damage, PaP version is nothing special other than renewable ammuntion availibility. There are much better weapon options but continually consuming MP115 ammuntion is a viable high round strategy.
AK74u/AK74fu2 - very powerful wall weapon, the AK is the most powerful renewable ammuntion weapon available, if you can find a way to make getting this ammo constantly work for you, an excellent choice.
Chicom CQB/Chicom Cataclismic Quadruple Burst - solid if pulled out of the box in earlier rounds but no real reason to PaP this weapon when it seems to be just as powerful as the MP115 without the renewable ammuntion.

User Info: Teh_5_Starz

4 years ago#6
Also, SMG's?
GT: DJ Willie Vee
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User Info: Teh_5_Starz

4 years ago#7
Teh_5_Starz posted...
Also, SMG's?


Anyway, great guide. I found most of it to be true from experience
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User Info: Teh_5_Starz

4 years ago#8
I also personally feel the Skullcrusher should be elite and the MTar should be good

But thats just me
GT: DJ Willie Vee
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User Info: achimed

4 years ago#9
The LSAT is in Zombies? How?
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User Info: hearcross92

4 years ago#10
achimed posted...
The LSAT is in Zombies? How?

That and the m27. Are they in nuketown zombies? Either that or the box didn't want to show me all its goodies.

Edit: Forgot to compliment TC. This is a nice guide for any zombie player.
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