Funny Multiplayer Voice Dialogues

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User Info: ICantNameGud

4 years ago#21
WFUDEAC00 posted...
I crack up every time I hear "Dominate the Battlespace!"

Also the asian guys say some funky things. I can't remember the other two I hear but there's one that's like "dey are trying to eatourfood". I don't think anything will beat MW2 "yo paris hilton a *****" though.
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User Info: Aadrian1234

4 years ago#22
"Enemy with weapon!"

No s***, Sherlock
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User Info: rts11220

4 years ago#23
go on the aggression.

this sig sucks

User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#24
We're WIN-NING this fight.
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User Info: SnakeEyes170

4 years ago#25
i can't even enjoy the voices in this game, waw spoiled pretty much every CoD's mp voices for me.
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User Info: ZephyrSSX

4 years ago#26
fatclemenza posted...
Get that d***weed outta my sight

I laugh every time I hear this. Perfect delivery.
God damn it.

User Info: Frost_Mirror

4 years ago#27
U have pleased our fenitals

User Info: Stormkid5

4 years ago#28

Super seriously, what is this guy supposed to be saying?
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User Info: dario1101

4 years ago#29
Wookie_Is_Back posted...

Silly SDC


Or their screams can Rival Menendez's.

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User Info: djluminus89

4 years ago#30
Wookie_Is_Back posted...

Silly SDC

lol I thought it was "Make sure! Make sure!"

I didn't believe everyone else when they posted this but i heard it like 20 times today
*teammate dies "Wanna get PAID? Move it!"

Mission is a go (or something like that)...MOVE......your...ASS! -lmao at the delayed delivery that caught me off guard.

Go on/with the aggression. ....err what?

Chinese guy: SABA! SABA-SABA-SABA!

"Good news boys! The check cleared, time to get to work!" lol they still have checks in the future.

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