Mother of god... the single-player is dreadful.

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  3. Mother of god... the single-player is dreadful.

User Info: veggie530

5 years ago#21
I actually agree. I thought it was a step down from BO1/MW3/MW2//WAW/COD4.
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User Info: JaguarPaw1

5 years ago#22
hail_filth posted...
This is the best campaign out of all the CoDs So far IMO.. Mw3 had a terrible campaign, bo 1 wasn't the greatest, mw2 was boring, cod 4 was only fun with the cluster bomb grenades cheat turned on... None of the cod campaigns are very good.. But this one was really fun to play, it actually had a story, it felt very cinematic.. All in all a very well put together campaign. Considerin CoDs history lol

The first two COD's campaigns were absolutely fantastic... A lot better than BO2. Go play those and come back and try to tell me this is the best one
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User Info: TheBEST305gamer

5 years ago#23
Played every campaign from MW on and this is one of my favorites. The MW storyline was good, but I like the WAW-BOps 2 story arc a lot more. Reznov is probably my favorite character of the entire series!

User Info: mst3kfan78

5 years ago#24
The story is horrible. I can't stand any of the characters and can't even make sense of who is who. Also that whole scene of "Hey we should really go kill that guy, but first we should box. Come suffer with me." "Wait, I've heard that before. That was what the main bad guy we've been searching all over the world for said to me before and just I've just now remembered a major plot point. Thank god for that." That scene was the stupidest piece of crap I've ever seen.

Also the checkpoint system is horrible. "Oh, man. I just got shot in the face by some enemy that popped out of nowhere. Good thing my checkpoint is exactly one millisecond before that happened so I get to have it happen again. And again. And again."

The multiplayer is the only saving grace about this game and it barely saves the game itself.

Just my two cents.
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User Info: Evil Squall

Evil Squall
5 years ago#25
Yes it is dreadful. First one i had to struggle to get through. They couldnt have put more than 5 minutes of thought into it. Just freakin awful. Bad guy was awful, the stages were awful, the strategy sections were awful, endings were atrocious.

I didnt even bother going back for achievements i hated it so much.
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User Info: The_Ivory_Man

5 years ago#26
Moegitto posted...
The_Ivory_Man posted...
Least this one has multiple endings... And by multiple I mean 2

So when did 7 become 2?

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User Info: ninjaman148

5 years ago#27
I thought the Singleplayer was pretty fun. With woods and mason and such. The fact that we got to play in the Soviet-Afghan war and the us invasion of panama was pretty interesting.

But I guess some people just don't really get interested in that kind of historic stuff.
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User Info: lolcharizard

5 years ago#28
MOH: warfighter's campaign was a lot worse than every campaign in the CoD series. At least BLOPS2 has JOSSSEFFINNA MENENDEZZZrefedfvdv
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User Info: SkilzMC

5 years ago#29

I haven't finished a CoD single player since MW2. Why do you guys waste your time?
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User Info: UhOhJoe

5 years ago#30
It's probably my second favorite campaign. Above CoD 4 but below MW2. -by Four_Seasons
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  3. Mother of god... the single-player is dreadful.

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