C/D: Call of Duty made a turn for the worse with the release of BO1

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User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#51
it was every entry in the modern warfare series besides the first one.

User Info: darkdragon_9600

4 years ago#52
MW2 could be seen as the beginning of the downfall, mostly because Activision was being a jerk and IW left. But it still was solid, unfortunately uncle Bobby rushed it out the door.

BO however, had poorer netcoding and copy paste weapons. Not to mention Vahn insisting that there were no issues to be fixed.

Pretty much: MW2 was left unfinished because of legit reasons, then the following CoDs were left unfinished because of lolmoney.
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User Info: Ikpa_Vatryx

4 years ago#53
MW2 did it.
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User Info: hail_filth

4 years ago#54
SparkItUp posted...
BipBapBam posted...
BO1 is amazing. The series turned horrible with MW3.

You liked the Bugs Bunny graphics & sounds of BO1? you liked that horrible hit detection? you liked a game that was broken day 1? you like a game with an absolutely abysmal campaign? you like a game that had horrible map design?

Loved the graphics, especially gold guns.. Mw3 gold camo was crap. Hit detection was fine on BO 1.. Not sure why people always complained.. I never had a problem with it.. Except on mw3 which had terrible hit detection. Mw3 wasn't even a game from day 1.. Complete crap and still is, they haven't fixed anything on it to this day. BO 1 and 2 campaign beat the livin s*** outta any of the MW campaigns which were all extremely boring and didn't even make sense.. Just a bunch of random gun battles with no real story line.. And map design?? That's a joke right? BO 1 had the best maps of any CoD.. Mw2 had... Decent maps I guess, mw3 maps were complete trash, not a single one worth playin, BO2 has great maps too. So yea... That's a big D for me... BO 1 is the best CoD to date IMO.. And if you wanna argue with me.. Wow, whaddya know, people have their own opinions lmao, get over it
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User Info: LaFarina

4 years ago#55
voted D. MW3 was when this series really went from occasional BS, to the game being based on BS.

User Info: Frost_LASER

4 years ago#56
WaW in my opinion. First game to have so many out the map glitches it became impossible to play a match without some invincible cheater cowering under the map with juggernaut and a MP40.

User Info: mlataupe

4 years ago#57
Based on the campaign : C. The campaign in BLOPS1 was dumb and MW3 and BLOPS2 had dumb campaigns too

As far as MP goes : D

Most will probably disagree but BLOPS2 is the most balanced CoD since CoD2.
Almost every weapon is effective and has a puprose. Yet they all feel different.
Pick 10 class system is super flexible and encourages experimentation.
My only gripe is with the spawn system but nothing's perfect

I do agree that BLOPS1 was the "worst" CoD. I still kinda like it though.
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User Info: lpfan4life0904

4 years ago#58
C. Ever since BO1 the whole dying even though you took cover, dying from bullets when you clearly walked around a corner and were no longer in sight, and emptying magazines into people happened. Even though MW2 was annoying as hell with its noobtube spamming, commando knifing, etc, people actually died when you shot them. There was no dying from bullets that magically follow you around the corner or when you take cover.

Don't get me wrong. Treyarch has introduced great ideas into CoD, but that does not make up for their god awful netcoding that really hinders the game overall. Pretty sure everyone has said "how did i die? i put so many bullets into him" or "i died around the corner" at somepoint. You're in some serious case of denial if you say other wise. Like i said, they have excellent presentation, but when it comes to the game being enjoyable, i say its pretty lack-luster.

User Info: Sega9599

4 years ago#59
COD 4 made it worse. Had they stuck to simple WW2 shooters, we likely wouldn't have had Black Ops OR MW2/3.

COD 2 is still the best.
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User Info: TimandEric

4 years ago#60
kennyindy posted...
The series turned horrible when the masses allowed the atrocity that was MW2 to remain popular and did not hold Infinity Ward accountable for the most broken multiplayer of the series...

The fact anyone still tries to blame Treyarch for the series going downhill baffles me.

^^This so much. People can blame IW or Treyarch all they want, but the truth is that the ignorant masses have allowed the series to fall to the level where it is at now.

MW2 was a broken mess, but enough of the mindless community found the utterly chaotic and un-balanced gameplay "fun", so the developers didn't think that making an unbalanced, watered-down product would affect the sales too much (also the reason why they refuse to come out with a beta). Thus, why Call of Duty has become the shell of its former self as it is now.
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