Scorestreaks: is there a perfect setup?

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User Info: murdokthegreat

4 years ago#1
I made a graph showing the efficiency of each scorestreak (in terms of score required to = 1 kill) but it really doesn't show the "best setup" to use.

If I had to make a guess it would be this:

Assume kills are worth 100 points
Assume the average time it takes between kills is 10 seconds

Now, find your average highest killstreak per game (seen through elite)
My average highest killstreak (in last 20 games) happens to be 8.5 kills per game.
Find your SPM (score per minute) - mine is 370.
Assuming it takes me 85 seconds to kill 8.5 players I can say that my score during that streak would be 850 - just from kills.

Now I want to find my score obtained from objectives/other areas while earning that killstreak.
I subtract 100 from 370 because I don't want to double count my score I obtained from killing each person. I take 270/60 to find a score per second which = 4.5.
Multiply 85 by 4.5 which gives 382.5 score obtained from objectives/other areas to 850 and my highest average scorestreak per game would roughly be a score of 1,232.5.

Since I know I'll achieve this at least once per game (on average) I'd want to have at least one of my scorestreaks up to that amount.

However this is difficult because its based mainly on assumptions and SPM is already calculated with score obtained by lower scorestreaks ( such as UAV's) and is affected by which game types you play.
Also, scorestreaks like UAV's and counter UAV's are harder to quantitatively measure because their effectiveness doesn't have a set number of kills per use but they are still very effective.

I know there are many problems with my method but its the best I can think of unless anyone else had ideas?
Keep in mind I'm an economics major lol

User Info: GreatKiraLord

4 years ago#2
against bad players vast/dogs/swarm or lodestar/dogs/swarm

against good players? you want to capitalize the tav, cuav, ls, etc

User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#3
The "perfect" setup is what consistently gets you the best games. Whether that's simply running UAV and C-UAV or running VSAT, K9 Unit and Swarm, I can't possibly say. Right now, I'm running UAV, Lightning Strike and VSAT. I don't have K9 Unit or Swarm unlocked. I know if I get to my VSAT, it will change the game and likely lead to another VSAT. I personally don't see any reason for someone to not run VSAT, especially in games like Domination where it's easy to score points.
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  3. Scorestreaks: is there a perfect setup?

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