Just got Diamond LMGs.

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User Info: SierraRei

4 years ago#1
The range at which the game expects you to shoot from to get a Long Shot is pretty asinine considering half the maps in this game don't actually -have- lines of sight long enough.

150 kills without perks or the Adjustable Stock was also really, really awful.

But on the whole, I'd say this game may have the best collection of LMGs in the series. It's just a shame the maps are so small you can't really take advantage of them.

Side note: Sweet lord these things are gaudy with diamond camo.

User Info: GODx_x666

4 years ago#2
Nice TC.

Its sad that LMGs & Assault Rifles are kinda crap because of the maps..
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User Info: Jonnywestside

4 years ago#3
Ive got the QBB and MK46 gold atm. Was working on the LSat before I prestiged. Had alot of fun using them especially when camping/defending B Dom on Raid and Slums. I bet they look great in diamond.

User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#4
Doing the no perks or attachments with the AN 94 right now.. its tricky.
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#5
slaveanselmo posted...
Doing the no perks or attachments with the AN 94 right now.. its tricky.

I just finished that challenge with the TAR, forgot how annoying these could be. Before I reset my stats I did them both at the same time on all the guns figuring it's faster to get them out of the way at the same time, but it's just too annoying not having either Stock or Toughness. Doing them separately seems much faster in the end, but thankfully aside from a few gold for my fav weapons I'm not bothering with Diamond this time.

Congrats on the Diamond LMG, I don't see too many of those on PC.
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User Info: GL17CH

4 years ago#6
good job

User Info: The_Prophet_78

4 years ago#7
i have diamond assaults and im never getting camo with a gun again. way too tedious and annoying
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User Info: kablamo

4 years ago#8
just my opinion, obviously.

but no LMG compares to the Stoner from Black Ops.

even the HK25 was pretty sweet, I loved the animation of pulling the pin back on that.

User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#9
Congrats!... :)
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THE gamefreak 212 4 years ago#10
From: kablamo | #008
but no LMG compares to the Stoner from Black Ops.

As much as I liked the Stoner, I thought the LMG of choice in BO was the M60. It was the only one that had that "LMG" feel, and it was so much fun to just hold the trigger down and mow people down one by one. It was easily my most used gun in the game (with the Stoner at number 2).
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