HURT/HEAL Blops 2 maps

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User Info: Teh_5_Starz

4 years ago#21
Hurt Carrier
Heal Standoff
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User Info: overkill_78

4 years ago#22
Double hurt Carrier.
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User Info: DarkkisBO

4 years ago#23
Heal Hijacked
Hurt Meltdown
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User Info: Hagan

4 years ago#24
Hurt hijacked
hurt express
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User Info: CmorningWood

4 years ago#25
Double hurt Turbine
GamerTag: CraigBeGrizz

User Info: Frost_Man

4 years ago#26
Double hurt Hijacked.
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User Info: KayGirl

4 years ago#27
Double heal Carrier!
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User Info: ydobdoog

4 years ago#28
Double Hurt Aftermath

User Info: BuddyHudsy

4 years ago#29

Aftermath 2
Cargo 7
Carrier 6
Drone 12
Express 9
Hijacked 7
Meltdown 9
Overflow 10
Plaza 12
Raid 10
Slums 9
Standoff 11
Turbine 7
Yemen 11
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User Info: sbarbermisier

4 years ago#30
Heal Slums
Hurt Cargo
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