what would happen if america banned call of duty?

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  3. what would happen if america banned call of duty?

User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#61
It depends why its banned. If its banned cause the government are a bunch of pansys who are trying to find something to blame for gun violance, id be angry. If it was banned cause its a horrible game, id be fine.
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User Info: sausage54

4 years ago#62
They would find a way to make it on the non-banned list. I would love for the series to go cel shaded.
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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#63
EA would throw the party of the decade if that happened thats for sure
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User Info: myrkul8013

4 years ago#64
No servers in any term. The franchise is made in America mostly. The largest market is in America. The game would be dropped entirely due to a lack of profitability.
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User Info: Snowpulse18

4 years ago#65
They're definitely not going to do that. This administration has not expressed any desire what so ever to try to regulate video games/movies in any new way, let alone try to legalize certain games. It's not close to being possible, or even on the radar of this administration.

User Info: TG_Wolf

4 years ago#66
zebmarvin posted...
TG_Wolf posted...
Hmm, lets see..
*Don't read if you're easily offended. So.. don't read if you're american.

-90% of the problems in the game would be gone
-The US would get a taste of what it deserves
-The US would go from being intolerable whining ******* to even louder whining *******.
-World happiness. All the parts that matter anyway.
-A new reason to laugh at the US would be created.

I could go on but I decided to keep it civil.

Did America beat you up in high school?

Opposite actually. No american student lasted more than a month at my school.
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User Info: harcoreblazer

4 years ago#68
Battlefield will be more mainstream as well as other FPS like CS, MOH or Borderlands.
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User Info: Mander1861

4 years ago#69
Snowpulse18 posted...
Anyone that is really upset, or worried about this hypothetical question is an idiot. Look around you... Or even better, do a little research into what this President has done, and desires to do. Is the current economic/societal/cultural landscape anything even close to some type of oppressive socialist one?? No. Not even remotely close. Nor has this president ever attempted to pass any type of legislation that remotely resembles socialism. Nor has he ever expressed any goals that remotely resemble transforming the U.S. into socialism. Taking away your precious COD??? Don't worry little paranoid morons. That is a pathetically stupid thing to worry about, or consider possible. Be grateful that your biggest problem is a paranoid induced idea that is a) Not even posssible. b) A ridiculous thing to consider a major concern.
Congratulations. You're all dumb.

But Obama wasnt even born here.
He was raised in Kenya by muslin radicals who knew he would be prez one day and turn the US into a socialist kingdom.
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User Info: Kageblade23

4 years ago#70
Lord_TenseEye posted...

His point had nothing to do with reflexes/reaction time or hand/eye co-ordination (which is what you are thinking of as 'learning'). He was saying that "u" is shorter way of spelling "you" and shouldn't be confused as a spelling error.

lol well unfortunately "u" is not an actual "word" it is a "Letter" that can be interpreted as the word "You" however being as he called him illiterate trash and the fact that he used a slang word as opposed to actually spelling it out. because "u" being used in that context is considered a "Slang Term (or word)" IT IS considered a spelling/gramatical error. and that there in is where the irony lies that fact that he called him illiterate trash and proceeded to use a slang term instead of the actual english text
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  3. what would happen if america banned call of duty?

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