**** you don't like about this game

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User Info: arghhhh

4 years ago#31
This board...its ******* dull as hell....same **** different day. How the **** people spend most of their time on here is beyond me.
Con=2, Skill=0, Bad=1

User Info: J2DK

4 years ago#32
I feel my blood rushing through my body. Yes, this is it. The feeling - it's coming back to me: the sensation of killing.

User Info: Shadonic

4 years ago#33
XxOblivion77 posted...
-Connection Inconsistencies (lag comp, host choosing, connection interrupted, parties) yes on all counts, never had a game kill off xbox parties ( as well as in game parties) or crash xboxes or be so bad at picking hostslike BLOPS 2.
semi-autos feel boring YUSH, If nothing else I'd like the SMR to be more accurate.. so many times I'll fire off 6-7 shots whilst ADS'd and miss all of them, despite having the target dead centre, never have the problem with the FAL, and I'd be happy if they removed S-F to accomodate it.

-Wide hipspread on R870 Nah, Should be, if it wasn't it'd be the be all-end all of all CQC.
-Slow ADS on snipers (then again I'm iffy on this) No way, if anything it's the opposite, you can still get QS'd like crazy, with people scoping in and out as fast as their XPR's can shoot.
-Extra ADS Delay (what I mean here is when your sight is up but the game still thinks you're hipfiring) Intentional, stops quickdraw from basically negating stock for AR's and means that laser sight is still a viable choice for AR's, as it helps compensate for the hipfire delay by increasing accuracy.
-Underpowered SWAT Eh, It's no worse than the M16 from Blops 1, it's a killing machine in Hardcore, even more so than the M8A1!
Lasersight is 50/50, i don't like that run and spray only playstyle but you can't deny that it's one of the things a SMG is supposed to shine at versus a clunky AR / LMG / a OHKO SG.
TF doesn't irk me all that much tbh.

to add to that list : Claymores that don't kill even when set up correctly and vs a person using none of the following : flak jacket, engineer, Lightweight.
Rubber care packages that bounce out of the map / through the ship.
hellstorms that flat out aren't announced, only by the soft rush of wind as it descends ontop of you.
cars that seem to act like proximity bombs, i swear once alight they are set to blow up once a player has got into killing distance.
lack of hardcore playlists. (bring back hc ffa, hc merc lists, just not the 1v1 one, that can stay out).
Elite, sort that **** out beachhead.
lack of interesting weapon challenges, it's all the same apart from longshots being replaced by revenges for smgs /sgs?.
C4. is there anything wrong with it? Not really, i just hate it! maybe tone it down so it isn't an instant super grenade, after all wheres the skill when a grenade has to be cooked before hand and timed? should be rewarding that from a gameplay perspective..
that one room in Yemen with the computer.
foregrip incompatible with Hybrid optic. wut? I can understand SF to stop a gun from being too good at too great a number of things, but I want my lucky foregrip on my hybrid scoped SMR damnit! even if i can't do it on a fal.
hunter killers ignoring the Lodestar / UAV / giant killstreak you threw it towards so that it can fail to kill the person on the other side of the map it decides it hates more.
awareness / deadsilence not being a single perk in that third category, making it 5 perks per category instead of 6.
Gah! My 0's fallen off! has anyone seen it?

User Info: Hillbilly_Smurf

4 years ago#34
THREADJACK IN PROGRESS.................................

From this moment on, I hereby declare this topic to be about Pitbull and his terrible music........................

Your thoughts annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd go!!!
Dear Rockstar: Please make a new "The Warriors". Thanks, peace.
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