Why was COD 4 the best again?

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User Info: TimandEric

4 years ago#101
_Xymemaru_V posted...
when will people learn less is more. CoD4 was about player v player. Anyone who is upset at the lack of things the game had sucked and needs 1000 different things to carry them to their precious positive K/D

CoD started sucking when they added a s*** ton of stuff to appeal to casuals and bad players


User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#102
maps, weapon balance, people going for objectives and shooting down enemy helicopters, teamwork, majority of the players were not 16 years old or younger, etc.

ever since MW2 its all about killstreaks, and showing off to your friends on youtube or bragging about your k/d ratio and trying to proclaim to everybody over how good you are on a mindless game after losing a game of capture the flag, and because of that more people are just so concerned about some k/d ratio and that the game basically is tailor made for camping and getting rewarded for it with a huge list of killstreaks to do all the work for you..

its enough incentive for people to feel they need to play like trash, especially the young gamers because they are easilly impressionable, too concerned already over what people think and trying to put an image out there to build their e-peen, its so when they watch other people play and have fun, they figure they have to do it too. monkey see monkey do,

they see somebody boosting for nukes, of course they have to get their teenage friends in on it so that they can do it too. they see somebody doing a glitch. they need to do it too and spam it on every given chance until it gets patched. . somebody solicits a fake prestige lobbies for MSP to their inbox to scam money? they have to spam everybody too. They see a montage on youtube of somebody quickscoping out a spinning 1080 herp de derp and finally getting a nice kill, notice its got alot of views and comments, so they continue to go 2-27 and cost your team the win every game while he tries to make a youtube video too. They get noob tubed a couple times, they cried about it and then run around with theirs doing it all day long. They lose a game because of campers, they decide to camp. They see how important k/d ratios are to other over concerned gamers, they become afraid to help for the objective in fear of dying and what others might think if they see their k/d ratio. i could go on...

People are too concerned over what other people think of them that it bastically dictates how they have to play their game. That was MW2 in a nutshell and pretty much every game since. I liked WaW and COD4 because i never had to deal with any of that. now that stuff is running rampant because of all the kids trying to be like everyone else. the community has sure grown alot younger.

BO2 not so much with the scorestreak incentive to not camp out and pick your nose all game every game, but from MW2-Black Ops it was totally campy nooby. its still the same, when youre losing a game of CTF and some dudes been at the same useless spot all game with his rifle trained on the doorway. why are these guys always put on my team for some reason?

i dont know. COD4 gave me the most enjoyment because at the time it felt so fresh and new compared to the other shooters i would play. definately a unique feel. When i look back today after 5 more releases of the same game engine, i would have to say its right up there in terms of the best. the maps were rather brilliant, the majority of the community were not 9-12 years old wannabe hardcores on a noobish game, it had good balance, and less incentive to play like trash.

yeah the stacked helicopters and martydom in cod4 were outrageous but nothing compared to the kind of stuff they brought into MW2. im not even talking about the bugs. you could definately find the quality and uniqueness in COD4. Ever since the launch of MW2, every game ends up feeling like it was a rushed release for $$$ and could have been much better

all the games do have one thing in common. you can single handedly carry your team to victory if you have a good game. most team based shooters are the exact opposite. if you dont function as a team, and use varieties of loadouts and know where to advance position, you lose. COD has always been mindlessly noobish for that kind of stuff though, reguardless of what version it is. but it is fun.

User Info: aNiceLay

4 years ago#103
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User Info: IFeeLNoReMoRSe

4 years ago#104
CoD4 was simple. That's why.
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User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#105
tl;dr version: maps were awesome and it was more based on player skill and just having fun and going for objectives. just playing the game for the sake of playing the game. nobody does that anymore.

these days the games are all just based on killstreaks and silly little crutches and gadgets to help even the bad players succeed. somewhere down the line, the enjoyment was all lost and the purpose of what we are playing for is changed.

the rest of the game has remained the same. except the maps these days feel rather stale with not much thought put in. zombies on tranzit however.....brilliantly amazing. i have alot of fun on that.

User Info: DAM 1

4 years ago#106
Grenade spam
SP & Jugg everywhere
Last stand
Maps were mostly just the same boring urban setting
Guns fairly generic
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User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#107
the maps were fine. they had alot of success rehashing pretty much every single map and rereleasing them in all of the next versions. I enjoyed the maps personally. i had many favorites. Most COD's theres only one or two that i liked. the rest seem like meh. BO1 had decent maps too though. MW3 terrible, BO2 not really that great.

i never understood why so many people complained about juggernaut when there was a perk specifically put in place to nullify it. i guess its easier to cry about something than it is to actually be bothered to go and do something about it

martydom was ridiculous but instead of crying about it you learn to not rush right at an enemy after you kill him. especially in a closed off space or the meat grinder areas of the map. unless you are on a suicide bombing mission and you know the best areas to find clusters of enemies, martydom would never account for even a noticeable amount of kills in any games except dom.

and last stand puzzles me too. if you shoot an enemy in the back and give him enough time to turn around and kill you with a pistol before you could even get a bullet in him, then you probably deserved to die

those were just simple perks added to make the gameplay more unique and help players out. its not a guaranteed kill just from using it. it just gives you an extra split second to react and a roll of the dice to see if you would succeed

the noob tubes were a crutch, and pretty much guaranteed two kills every life, but you couldnt restack them like you could in MW2, after MW2 and the ridiculous they totally nerfed it and destroyed that concept of letting people use an effective grenade launcher because of all the crying it caused when people would die

these days they got rid of all those unique killing methods. last stand, juggernaut/stopping power, etc. but in return theyve gave a whole bunch of new methods specifically designed to help bad players be good and pretty much guarantee them success. We're talking like 20 different killstreaks to send out, guns that can see through walls and have target finders to make up for their lack of having to aim down, hacker and a black hat to prevent ever having to worry about enemy equipment, perks to prevent helicopters and killstreaks and advanced enemy optics from finding you, and so forth.....all of that is no more of a crutch than a martyrdom grenade or a noob tube.

in the end its all the same, they took away some of the old, and brought in the new. its all just nooby stuff to give players an edge and get their kills alot easier than they would if their were no killstreaks and everybody was just running around the map with a red dot sight. the skill factor is gone out the window the moment the game becomes solely based on killstreaks and kd/r, which really isnt a factor at all in objective games in basically any other FPS on the market.

i dont know. cod 4 was my fave. but that was in its day. these days it seems like the community is so much younger and dumber, and the game revolves more about killstreaks, KDR, and noob tactics than it ever has in the past. aside from the maps, i can look back on it and say COD 4 was the best because none of those issues were a factor in the game. we all played as a team, shot down the helicopters, and tried to push for the objective no matter how much we would fail. thats why in my eyes i consider it the best anyways.

User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#108
From: blacklabelice | #107
those were just simple perks added to make the gameplay more unique and help players out. its not a guaranteed kill just from using it. it just gives you an extra split second to react and a roll of the dice to see if you would succeed

No. They had no business existing at all. That's why they both became deathstreaks. Last Stand especially is just an invitation to get your kill stolen, waste half a magazine during their invincibility frames or get knifed as they fall down.

Most of my Martyrdom deaths came from people who I didn't even kill. I'll move around a corner and magically die to a Martyrdom grenade that I had nothing to do with. That's not even right, if anything it should have just affected the killer.
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User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#109
hey im not saying it wasnt outrageous or ridiculous, because it was. but by adjusting your playing style it shouldnt be that frequent unless you are in a small map where everybody is doing it. some people were just idiots and shoot a dude in the back as he is right out there in the open and then keep running towards him for some god forsaken reason. and then theres the times where you just cant do anything about it. i see how that can be a factor i guess

i dont know. i never minded it too much. it got crazy sometimes with epic martydom chains, you die from one, then drop one, it kills somebody else, they drop one, etc. . too much cheap fun on shipment! just **** getting blown up every which way

me my issue has always been with hand grenades that appeared to be thrown completely random . still to this day they are like a magnet to me. no matter how much time i have to get out of the way or which direction i run i am always smack dab in the killzone every time. this franchise has always had it out for me with the randy grenades. every time i watch the replay i just cant help but laugh when i see a dude die, respawn, chuck a grenade over a building and then turn around and run the other way as i get to see a perfect throw land right beside my foot as i get helplessly blown up every time. its quite a sight to see but i wonder why it always has to happen to me! at least give me a chance and use a semtex.

but i aint complaining, those are legit kills. very random, and laughable, but unfortunate that it always seems to happen to me. even when i have a chance to run it always seems to be stuck in my equipment or magnetically attached to my body. there is no other way i can explain my misfortune.

User Info: MasterVading

4 years ago#110
fatclemenza posted...
From: TOO_BAD_FOR_U | #008
Malcyon posted...

There was never a multiplayer like CoD4's before it came out, every iteration is just a screw-up of 4's formula.

Fixed for accuracy.
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