Why was COD 4 the best again?

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User Info: TimandEric

4 years ago#111
blacklabelice posted...
hey im not saying it wasnt outrageous or ridiculous, because it was. but by adjusting your playing style it shouldnt be that frequent unless you are in a small map where everybody is doing it. some people were just idiots and shoot a dude in the back as he is right out there in the open and then keep running towards him for some god forsaken reason. and then theres the times where you just cant do anything about it. i see how that can be a factor i guess

i dont know. i never minded it too much. it got crazy sometimes with epic martydom chains, you die from one, then drop one, it kills somebody else, they drop one, etc. . too much cheap fun on shipment! just **** getting blown up every which way

me my issue has always been with hand grenades that appeared to be thrown completely random . still to this day they are like a magnet to me. no matter how much time i have to get out of the way or which direction i run i am always smack dab in the killzone every time. this franchise has always had it out for me with the randy grenades. every time i watch the replay i just cant help but laugh when i see a dude die, respawn, chuck a grenade over a building and then turn around and run the other way as i get to see a perfect throw land right beside my foot as i get helplessly blown up every time. its quite a sight to see but i wonder why it always has to happen to me! at least give me a chance and use a semtex.

but i aint complaining, those are legit kills. very random, and laughable, but unfortunate that it always seems to happen to me. even when i have a chance to run it always seems to be stuck in my equipment or magnetically attached to my body. there is no other way i can explain my misfortune.

Martyrdom and last stand were legit complaints about the game in my book. It wasn't so much the 3x frags and martyrdom perks themselves, but the overall power of explosives in the game that made them so ridiculous. Noobtubes as well. Combined with danger close, explosives were just too super-powered in that game.

However, an easy fix would have just been to reduce the throwing distance of grenades, and introduce a blast shield or flak jacket perk, not completely nerf explosives like they ending up doing and making them borderline useless (thanks Treyarch).

I agree with pretty much everything else though. Fix chopper chaining, get rid of last stand, and fix the aforementioned problem, and the game would have been near perfect....heck it almost was even with these issues.

User Info: BoyWitArabStrap

4 years ago#112
4 is not the best.

Great memories, great times, but W@W is the best.
Mas tragem Lucifer pra mim
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