i have a diamond an-94

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User Info: animalswillrule

4 years ago#21
No im serious.....it was luck lmao i missed two arrows then got a double kill with my last one
Arguing online is like boxing in the circus. You might win but you're still a clown

User Info: The_Prophet_78

4 years ago#22
i really dont care about your crossbow grind. crossbows are stupid.

i have finished trying to get diamond all together. those 9 assaults are a tediously long grind.

and my kd is a solid 1.01 i should go pro. my deadliest weapon is the an-94 with 4004 kills

i tac insert alot on demolition until i find that sweet spot where no one pays attention. like the dumpster on express
FACT if somehow everyone on gamefaqs was mailed a $100 bill, tons of topics would come up with people complaining that theirs was wrinkled

User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#23
I have a diamond gurney.

User Info: elchris79

4 years ago#24
TheSaintG posted...
animalswillrule posted...
Actual i did just happen to get the blood thirsty because i have no skill and did not boost and i do have a bedazzled cbow

Your sarcasm actually proved my point. You need 80- 90% accuracy to get the bloodthirsty which is highly not in your favor in any gametype.

Legitimate diamond crossbow users>>>> legitimate any other diamond owners

80-90% accuracy? Are you sure?
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  3. i have a diamond an-94

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