How to KSG short video.

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User Info: bheinz24

4 years ago#21
gameflak posted...
bheinz24 posted...
AdaptBlade_Kxm posted...
Any other KSG users get called try hards?

Every SnD lobby seems to think so that I am against, I don't even understand kids these days....

I am open about being a KSG try hard...trying hard to get the rest of my damned blood thirsty medals.

@Rapaleeman Thanks for the info. I have been using a silencer but I think I am going to swap out the Red Dot with the MMS and the quick draw for the stock. Give that a try.

As per my signature...CAMP ON. Hope I have enough time to read the hate mail.

As one poster's sig states: "corner camping is not playing the game; it's the video game equivalent of tripping people as they walk by."

Guess I'll be tripping folks then eh? About 7 more blood thirsty medals worth anyway
I don't always camp but when I do, I pitch a tent!
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