Guys just admit it, the PDW is OP.

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User Info: Longhorn58

4 years ago#31
I honestly believe most SMGs are overpowered when matched up against a Assault Rifle.
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User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#32
From: ShadowUmbreon42 | #028
NinjaDeath911 posted...
If it was as OP as TC said I would win e very gunfight

People need to stop crying.

pdw user confirmed

try using a normal gun vs the pdw

bad kid confirmed

Its the best rushing weapon in pubs. Huge magazine, good power up close, competes fairly at range.
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User Info: Spinalsniper

4 years ago#33
Eagles931 posted...
Spinalsniper posted...
I've had less success with the PDW than the MP7 and vector. I honestly feel that it's not as good as people make it out to be. I started out with the PDW just for the mag size, but have been using the Vector more often - and the MP7 results in an even better success rate than both of them.

Same thing happened in BLOps with the AK-74U and the MP5. For some reason I always felt I did better with the MP5 .

The mp5 was AMAZING in the first black ops. I used extended mags on it. I think he 74u was better though.

I gave more kills with the mp7 then I do with the PDW

There was only one attachment for SMG's in BLOps...Rapid fire! Dual mag was good too though.
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User Info: greggreggreg2000

4 years ago#34
I've never been killed by an smg and thought "that's overpowered." Shotguns, quickscoping snipers, and pistols I have.
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User Info: DirrtyRockstarr

4 years ago#35
OP? Nah.

Overused? Hell yeah.
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  3. Guys just admit it, the PDW is OP.

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