After Double XP Weekend

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User Info: WHITERYNO1191

4 years ago#1
Post the Following

Started, Finished
7/50, 10/20

KD before and After
1.4, 1.43
"Not one of the 12+ people killed were armed. They were all civilians."-beerconnoisseur
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User Info: AppleJeZus

4 years ago#2
What is the "20" part for?
Steam Community: AppleJeZus GT: AppleJeZus

User Info: Zombie2626

4 years ago#3
5/40 to 6 /26 or so, only got a few hours in

User Info: Darxide

4 years ago#4
AppleJeZus posted...
What is the "20" part for?

Level 20, 10th prestige

User Info: coldisgood

4 years ago#5
9/45 to 10/41
1.95 to 2.03

Lmgs are awesome...and now bedazzled.
M'Aiq knows that there are no babies, instead, the mother must deliever a five foot Imperial. -Sinroth

User Info: 1GATORFAN

4 years ago#6
I went through a whole prestige 8 to 9. I've never done that during 2xp before now I feel kinda burnt out so I havnt played today an will pick backup tomorrow for the DLC

User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#7
Started: 4/35
Finished: 6/32

KD before: 1.48
KD after: 1.53

I unlocked Swarm then AN-94. Now that I have the AN-94 unlocked, I'm going to get it gold and my KD should creep toward 1.60 steadily.

User Info: gwetmore4523

4 years ago#8
Started - 6th 40
Finished - 10th 1
K/D Started - 4.0
K/D Finished - 4.02
PSN - W3tm0G
XBL - xM0G

User Info: XT3M3

4 years ago#9

(could have been higher but i pretty much skipped Saturday : /

1.44 to 1.46 some how
YT|Ownal0t GT| oZdReaZiii WrSx
Is it weird that it might be more likely that Tc wins powerball than wizards winning? ~ KoD_Immortal

User Info: james_heller

4 years ago#10
7/44 - 7/48

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