After Double XP Weekend

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User Info: MrMRB

4 years ago#11
Started 28/3 finished 10/5

Started 0.98 finished 1.12
Gamertag: MrMRB
Currently playing: Borderlands 2, Fifa 13

User Info: xsmokingxgunx

4 years ago#12
4/51 5/55
2.27. 2.31
GT: Mr Sparefox


4 years ago#13

1.45---1.42 ( im working on maxing the assault shield :| )
XBL:acartillo78--now playing:Black Ops2; Rock Band 3

User Info: ReTouchable

4 years ago#14
Started: 1/49
Ended: 2/51

KDR: from 2.78 to 2.78

Saturday was great, but sunday sucked for me.

User Info: F_H_Nukem

4 years ago#15
dont know about KD

but i went from 3/51 to 6/46

only 5 levels shots of a full 3 prestiges. I WAS SO CLOSE!
"The CoD franchise is the McDonalds of video games, its widely known to be bad but millions still eat it up" - therickmu25 - 11/26/12

User Info: Gunther482

4 years ago#16
1/52 - 2/42

1.63 to 1.57. The only time I played this weekend was after coming home from the bar on Saturday night, bad choice K/D wise -_-

User Info: ReliefWithBeef

4 years ago#17
0/34 to 0/45

12 hour shifts suck
XBL GT: ReliefWithBeef
PSN: ReliefWithBeef

User Info: BoomerHelll

4 years ago#18
went from 0/23 to 2/20


1.55, 1.73

just got the game last Wednesday and im loving it from a person who played all cods since 3 i have to say this is the best and my second favorite (1st being mw2 because i was so beast in it lol)

User Info: Lord_TenseEye

4 years ago#19
Before: Prestige 9 level 30
After: Prestige 10, level 35

I didn't get to play too much.

User Info: trakrunr4evr

4 years ago#20
I didn't play. Had family over.. bummer.
GT: Stelthmastr
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