Quick Question About the Peacekeeper/DLC

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User Info: MrHuffMcGruff

4 years ago#1
Hey everybody, quick question...I got suspended from LIVE until 2/6 (Inappropriate motto lol, my own fault) So to be able to play with friends I made a temp gamertag. My question is if I dl the map pack with that account, can i still use the maps when my other account is back online, and will I get the peacekeeper? Like is it tied to the gamertag you bought it with, or will any user on that 360 get to play with it. I have NOT purchased a season pass so far, wondering if that was tied to your gamertag as well...thanks in advance.

User Info: Hagan

4 years ago#2
Tied to your gamertag
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User Info: MrHuffMcGruff

4 years ago#3
So the Peacekeeper and Season Pass are both tied to it? Like if you don't get the season pass, and just get this pack, will those maps/gun be playable or is EVERYTHING tied to your GT?

User Info: JSpilla

4 years ago#4
bump, i wanna know too because I have friends and would rather them use their own account if possible

User Info: slipknotrox765

4 years ago#5
Hagan posted...
Tied to your gamertag

By "tied to your gamertag" he means that it is tied to your gamertag...not the console.

User Info: thepain718

4 years ago#6
All content is tied to whatever gamertag you downloaded the stuff from. Say for instance you try to use content from gamertag 1 on gamertag 2 it will not work. Hope I was specific enough guys..
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