carrier is the worst map of all time

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  3. carrier is the worst map of all time

User Info: pauly_27

4 years ago#11
Sucks for TDM and FFA, but it's actually quite ok in objective games like Hardpoint and Headquarters.

Aftermath is a much worse map, and is probably my least favourite CoD map in recent memory.
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User Info: Prefect99

4 years ago#12
Having just got the dlc, and Grind is easily the worst map ever unless you just want hide in a corner and camp
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User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#13
I thought it was aftermath the way the lobbies always seem to complain about it. I back out when carrier comes up. Only reason i play gw as much as i do is so i dont have to play slums, carrier, hijacked, and probably something else im forgetting
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User Info: CashDudeHomie

4 years ago#14
The snow map in MW3 was worse
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User Info: FantasyHerb

4 years ago#15
You spelled Hijacked wrong.
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User Info: Bonezy_B

4 years ago#16
McDonaldzzz posted...
Of any game ever. I hate it so much

preach it brother...

User Info: CapwnD

4 years ago#17
I love Carrier. Lets party up and we'll destroy together.
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User Info: ZephyrSSX

4 years ago#18
Every map in this game is the worst of all time.

God I miss CoD4, MW2 and WaW. Best maps ever.
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User Info: jae_freeze

4 years ago#19
I love it!

User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#20
Mw3 dome is 10x worse.
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  3. carrier is the worst map of all time

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