Treyarch amazed me.

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User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#31
vigorm0rtis posted...
CallMeSeeker posted...
Yeah, it's called Carrier.

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User Info: HarryHedgehog

4 years ago#32
ZephyrSSX posted...
tactikz4 posted...
ihaveyahoorares posted...
This game just has the worst maps out of any COD hands down...

The worst thing I think is the Domination layout. It's all a fight over B.

There is no more flanking to take A or C. Since the enemy will spawn in your ass if you try it. There's no 'triangulation' to the flags on most of these maps.... It's setup to camp and to spawn trap.

MW3, when you couldn't take B, you could take A or C on almost ANY map... Not here. Even on maps as big as Turbine and Carrier, you flank to take the enemy flag, and they spawn 10 feet away...

I HATED Black Ops 1. Thought it was just me and my connection. Everything felt like crap. MW2 and MW3 ran almost flawlessly for me (except hosting on MW3 was ehhh, not as bad as this, NO WHERE NEAR). I'd hate to say Treyarch sucks. But I think Treyarch does suck. IW sucks as well, just not as much as Treyarch...

It's like Treyarch sucked the whole football team.
While IW only sucked the starters.

They both suck.

So u are saying 3arch sucks because they make B hard to capture?

No he's saying it sucks because every Dom game turns into a grenade spam fest as everyone tries to pile onto B.

Adding on to this, I think he's also saying that it's stupid how pointless it is to try and cap A or C from the enemy, since they always spawn about 15 steps away from it, which I agree with. The only chance you have of capping A or C is if you're entire team is over there working for it, at which point the spawns probably WILL move, but then they're spawning by your A or C objective and capture it from you as soon as you capture theirs.

At least, this is my experience with Domination.
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