So I just tried the peacekeeper again. Heh, it's not that bad at all.

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  3. So I just tried the peacekeeper again. Heh, it's not that bad at all.

User Info: NeedMoreMoney

4 years ago#1
Just went 74-0 on mirage. Pretty good gun, feels like a AR.

It might be the only SMG I might actually use.

What are some recommended attachments for it?

User Info: cloud9820

4 years ago#2
Grip, Silencer, Fast mags.(If you reload alot like me)
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User Info: Garrafan

4 years ago#3
You went 74-0. I'm pretty sure you have it all figured out lol.
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User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#4
Quickdraw probably helps for CQC, where the Peacekeeper typically suffers. Suppressor is probably solid too, considering the gun has good enough range to where it won't suffer too much.

I don't even have the DLC lol, just throwing out some ideas based off what I've seen/heard.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#5
plz nerf it vonderheart
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User Info: gamester091

4 years ago#6
Yeah I like it because it feels like a not a fan of the SMGS in this game, but once i get everything diamond i might use the peacekeeper as my main weapon (wont exclusivly use it like so many people do with the other smgs...i mean i have 10 classes for a reason :P)
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User Info: PackersBadgers7

4 years ago#7



I went like 24-10 the first time and was jacked.
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User Info: FRo3tBLo0d

4 years ago#8
It is a good gun and people that say it sucks are either lying or bad.

User Info: kingbahamut83

4 years ago#9
You realize its supposed to feel like an assault rifle? Dlc description even says hybrid of smg handling with AR range. It is a good weapon though. Got it at noon yesterday and haven't used anything else. 73/100 headshots already and weapon prestige 1. Also, grind is best map imo.
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User Info: NeedMoreMoney

4 years ago#10
I don't really mind the iron sights.

So quickdraw and fast-mag? I don't really need stock right like for AR. >,>
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  3. So I just tried the peacekeeper again. Heh, it's not that bad at all.

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