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User Info: arisgodofwar

4 years ago#1
fc; 0244-4861-2254

User Info: BrockObana

4 years ago#2
most are noobs
this game is by far the one of the fps with the least amount of skill requied and skilled players playing in
"I'm going to block this kid for the same reason as I mute screaming 12-year olds in the game." -COD hero-

User Info: scarface_jr

4 years ago#3
Exactly how I felt the last 5 games I played...I got a Vsat everytime just for my team to STILL camp. Tho going 30+ with -5 deaths is nice, I still always get killed right at 14 gun kills *A few more from the 15 title*. I also seem to get killed by some random killstreak when i'm a few kills off of nuclear -.-. I don't get how a team got a stealth chopper once when I was destroying them while my team kept getting the hardpoint.
"There are good guys and there are bad guys in this world, and make no mistake I am a bad, bad man." -CM Punk

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