How could they have let Turned be released?

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  3. How could they have let Turned be released?

User Info: ToastyAnakin

4 years ago#1
Do they not have QA?

The mode is just so meh....

With a few tiny tweaks it could have been amazing.

Starting with the executioner is stupid, the gun switching is way too slow, etc.
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User Info: LordofBallyhoo

4 years ago#2
I hear you. Turned is bare: you can sprint and attack as a zombie, but have no way to flank or outmaneuver the human. If the arena was larger and more complex with actual objectives or more zombies, it would make more sense. The power up idea working to the benefit of the zombies is a cool feature, but implemented in a game mode that is sparse and unlikely to attract too many fans.
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4 years ago#3
Give us more game modes but refuse to fix the lag problems...

Treyarch would buy a pos half-working car, give it rims, a system, and a new paint job, but refuse to take it to the mechanic
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User Info: slayerxelite

4 years ago#4
Its the worst thing to ever grace any CoD title. I can relate it to the gaming equivalent of having AIDS.
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  3. How could they have let Turned be released?

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