Reload canceling is the dumbest thing in this game

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  3. Reload canceling is the dumbest thing in this game

User Info: Darxide

4 years ago#61
TecmoB0 posted...
namewitheld posted...
TecmoB0 posted...
why is this called an arcade shooter? if i go to dave and busters i dont think ill find a cod game to put a quarter in

Its actually a corridor shooter ala Quake.

Cant be left unsaid: Quake was much better.

what? this game has zero in common with quake.

Except for being on the quake engine.

User Info: forgotten0285

4 years ago#62
trakrunr4evr posted...
ITT: I got outplayed by someone reloading.
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User Info: Sliq6969

4 years ago#63
Another thread where someone tries to use realism in an unrealistic game to try and prove a point.

stop denying the fact

User Info: yummymexican

4 years ago#64
GT- Snahck

User Info: Natsume_Tien7

4 years ago#65
How about dash cancelling a reload so that right as your bullet's clip refills you can dash and cancel the ending animation of the reload? It is a very useful mechanic. These methods of reloading are meant to be part of the game, relying on your own reactions to keep yourself alive. Just because it isn't realistic shouldn't make it bad.

@ LordofBallyhoo

The F2000 was godlike. I thank that gun for teaching me how to not just be a hipfiring noob by struggling with its ADS firing recoil, but also be able to hipfire like a beast when I needed to lol. Best gun ever that got a bad rap and needs a comeback.
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User Info: nath999

4 years ago#66
I outplayed him and now he's crying on GFAQS.

PSN / GT: Deathstroke XII
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  3. Reload canceling is the dumbest thing in this game

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