So what are your top 3 Zombie maps?

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  3. So what are your top 3 Zombie maps?

User Info: RedEyeHairy

4 years ago#1
So far mine are


Die Rise doesnt really come close, but its too early to tell.
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User Info: awesomespy

4 years ago#2
1. Ascension
2. Kino
3. Call of the Dead
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User Info: scarface_jr

4 years ago#3
I used to love zombies when I didn't play MP. Now that I play MP I hate zombies...but with that said I only like one, that swamp map from W@W.
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User Info: Kharn99

4 years ago#4
Der Riese
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User Info: brandonk42

4 years ago#5
Der Reise
Die Rise (I know it's early but I am liking it)

User Info: MoneyBags210

4 years ago#6
Shi No Numa
Der Riese

Ascension, Kino are also pretty good.
Verruckt and CotD are fun but a little annoying with horrific teammates.
Tranzit is ok. Moon is the most horrible piece of vomit I have ever played.
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  3. So what are your top 3 Zombie maps?

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