To all you Zombie lovers out there...

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User Info: vetsniper22

4 years ago#1
How to do you personally feel about Die Rise? Setting everyone's opinion aside besides yours, how do you truly feel?

Personally, I love it. One of the best zombie maps out there, for sure, and just keeps me coming back for more. Once we figure out the easter egg (Don't make it Shringri-la bad, I beg of you.) and the rest of the secrets on this map, it's sure to be even better.

Only downside I can think of is playing it with randoms. Now it's not unplayable as moon/Shringri-la was because you couldn't even get to pack a punch with them most of the time, but it can be annoying in this. So if you play Die Rise, enjoy it and aren't a complete newbie (99% newbie is fine with me!) leave your GT and I'll send you a friend request. More zombie players that aren't complete randoms..the better!
Make sure you have a mic though.
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User Info: DarkLeemer

4 years ago#2
I love it already. Only played a few games and it's a lot of fun. The Sliquifier is great and good since you can lay some puddles down and let the zombies and creatures slide for easy kills. The trampoline is helpful too. Layout was confusing until you explore a little but I got it now.
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User Info: fist140

4 years ago#3
I quite enjoy it, it has it's own... Uniqueness that just makes it that much more entertaining, However I do still wish you could purchase zombie maps , without needing to buy all the regular MP ones as well with it.

GT is in the sig/name, Feel free to add me as im on fairly frequently

( If anyone is still able to do tower, Im looking for people to do it with as we all know how random's are for that sort of thing )
XL GT , Youtube :: Fist140
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User Info: General_Zama

4 years ago#4
GT is General Zama

User Info: ginger_ninj4

4 years ago#5
gt = gin9er ninj4 count me in
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