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User Info: F_H_Nukem

4 years ago#11
ICantNameGud posted...
F_H_Nukem posted...
Dark_Dash99 posted...
imran_666 posted...
best of a bad lot Die Rise. Bops1 maps > 2s.

I personally really enjoy Die Rise. Don't get me wrong, BO1 had better maps overall, but if Treyarch keeps up with maps like this, BO2 may have potential to beat BO1.

i agree ONLY if the next maps have ALL THE DAMN PERKS

nukem is VERY unhappy with out his deadshot daiquiri

Turn off aim assist for zombies dude. People don't do this still?

are you people all so linear?

I WANT DSD BACK TO USE SNIPERS WITH NO IDLE SWAY not for some useless aim assist. i can get headshots just f***ing fine, thank you.
"The CoD franchise is the McDonalds of video games, its widely known to be bad but millions still eat it up" - therickmu25 - 11/26/12

User Info: tadmfpole

4 years ago#12
No comparison, Die Rise.

Wow! You're so hardcore I'll bet you play Tic Tac Toe as a full contact sport! -HappyHappyJoyJoy

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