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User Info: ssulungnamjah

4 years ago#1
Does it ever take more than two shots to kill?

User Info: ssulungnamjah

4 years ago#2

User Info: Shaolin015

4 years ago#3
Better question: does anyone ever use it like a sniper rifle rather than a assault rifle?

User Info: BOSS52

4 years ago#4
2sk anywhere even with silencer?

User Info: GallisOTK

4 years ago#5
IIRC it's always a two-shot kill unless you're shooting through a wall or some other surfaces.
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User Info: ronXwhite

4 years ago#6
1 shot to neck and head. everything becomes/stays 2 shots when silenced
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User Info: Arcanine2009

4 years ago#7
OSOK to the head without a silencer.

I've been pushing hard to get it to OSOK to the neck also, and OSOK to the head with a silencer on the cod forums, considering how the FAL and SMR are better battle rifles, and the other 3 SRs are bettersniper rifles (hell they all osok to the chest and up with the silencer), but not enough people seem to care.
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